OpenAI’s Sam Altman Admits Being Wrong About Anti-Semitism in America


  • Sam Alman said on X he was “totally wrong” about the extent of anti-semitism on the US left.
  • Many people, including Elon Musk, agreed to Altman’s admission.
  • ADL reported there has been a rise in anti-semitism since the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Sam Altman admitted on Friday he was “totally wrong” about the extent of anti-semitism in the United States. 

The Jewish founder of the leading AI company OpenAI has long carried the notion that anti-semitism was not as bad as people allege. Now, he believes otherwise. 

I Was Totally Wrong, Says Altman

“For a long time, I said that antisemitism, particularly on the American left, was not as bad as people claimed. I’d like to just state that I was totally wrong,” Altman posted. “I still don’t understand it, really. or know what to do about it. but it is so fucked.”

It remains uncertain what led to the change in Altman’s conviction, but the admission sparked conversations about the prevalence and impact of anti-Semitism in America, with the likes of Elon Musk responding to the post with “Yes.”

“Exactly how I felt before and I found the past month so disorienting but once you see it you can’t unsee it. And it is bringing profound unity to the Jewish people,” said Mark Suster, managing partner at Upfront Ventures. 

Anti-semitism, the hatred of Jews, has a long and persistent stain on American society and around the world. However, the cases seem to have heightened following the heated conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Anti-semitism On The Rise

On October 25, the Anti-Defamation League reported that there had been a significant spike in antisemitic incidents across the United States since the Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians on October 7. 

“When conflict erupts in Israel, antisemitic incidents soon follow in the U.S. and globally,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “From white supremacists in California displaying antisemitic banners on highway overpasses to radical anti-Zionists harassing Jewish people because of their real or perceived support for the Jewish state, we are witnessing a disturbing rise in antisemitic activity here while the war rages overseas.”

With the rising threats and harassment, the Biden administration in November urged schools and colleges to take immediate action to stop antisemitism and Islamophobia. 

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