SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future?


With the cryptocurrency market’s growth, many new digital currencies have been appearing. One such example is SafeMoon. SafeMoon’s name is associated with “to the moon” in the cryptocurrency communities. While it is unclear who originated the phrase, it has probably raised the support level for the coin. The currency that started as a wink coin is now trading at $0.00000000421.

Competing and bracing in the challenging markets, SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency that refuses to bow down to central government pressures or be chained in defective and regulatory monetary shackles. SafeMoon has made it possible for everyone to store and transfer value in a currency that is resistant to manipulation. The ‘safe ‘part of its name is perhaps a slang term in the crypto market that indicates approval rather than a reference to the coin’s apparent security.

Today’s live SafeMoon price is $4.71e-9 with a 24-hour trading volume of $25,178.76. SafeMoon is up 0.86% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #1137, with a live market cap of $2,647,856. It has a circulating supply of 562,137,652,840,675 SAFEMOON coins and a max. supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 SAFEMOON coins.

Despite the bear market, here’s hoping that the current avid community continues to support this project. Let’s see what happens and DYOR before investing.

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What is SafeMoon?

SafeMoon (SFM) is a token circulating on SafeMoon protocol. It is a DeFi “community-driven” project designed to help democratize yield farming. It was launched in March 2021 and quickly became one of the most exciting meme coins. It runs on the Binance Smart Chain, making it less accessible than other digital assets like bitcoin or Ethereum. SafeMoon plans to develop an NFTexchange, charity projects, and cryptocurrency educational apps.

SafeMoon doesn’t have any unique use cases, i.e., it’s simply a cryptocurrency, but it does have some exciting features. The token holders pay a fee out of every trade – a 10% commission. Half of this commission is distributed between all the holders, and the other half is partly locked into a smart contract and partially put into a liquidity pool. This token-sharing mechanism aims to prevent the occurrence of significant price dips when large volumes of tokens are sold.

SafeMoon aims to solve the “liquidity problem.” Essentially, liquidity providers like Aave and compound bring in millions of dollars a day, with new users coming in all the time to try and farm tokens. SafeMoon discourages these users from doing so, thanks to a transaction tax. The commission works both as a penalty for speculators, rewarding long-term holders, and as a way to ensure liquidity and provide static rewards for those holders. This unusual mechanism raised some concerns about the possibility of SafeMoon being a scam. 

Those doubts were fuelled further by the announcement that the team will execute manual burns instead of algorithmically defined ones – many feel this gives the team too much control. On the other hand, the dev team burned their tokens to ensure a fair launch, and overall, they seem accessible and eager to answer any question to alleviate doubts.

With SafeMoon protocol, token holders will earn more SAFEMOON depending on how many coins they have. This can be up to an 80% APY, which is staggering when compared to traditional interest accounts. SafeMoon protocol will gain value over time thanks to its coin-burning strategy, making it a deflationary digital currency.

SafeMoon V2 Migration

On December 13, 2021, SafeMoon announced its migration from Version 1 to Version 2 – a move intended to ease SafeMoon (SFM) transactions and improve the project’s features. Also, the V2 upgrade consolidated SafeMoon’s token to a 1000:1 ratio and moved to a new contract address. This migration reduced the token’s circulating supply without tampering with the user’s overall balances. The primary variable affected by the SafeMoon V2 upgrade includes the token’s value, transaction fees, and earnings.

How to Migrate to SafeMoon V2

Here’s how to migrate your SAFEMOON tokens from v1 to the V2 platform:

  • From SafeMoon Wallet: Consolidation in the wallet requires the most recent software update on your smartphone, so make sure you do that first before proceeding. Clicking on the ‘consolidate’ tab and following the on-screen directions until ‘completed’ will bring up the next steps.
  • Non-SafeMoon Wallet Users: To migrate your v1 tokens, you need to visit swap.safemoon.net and link your wallet. You can connect BSC or Ethereum wallets like MetaMask, TrustWallet, SafeMoon Wallet, MathWallet, WalletConnect, and Binance Chain Wallet.
SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 1

To begin, you must first tap on the button that indicates “Consolidate to V2 SafeMoon!” and follow the prompts provided.

  • Tokens on Exchanges: For SFM tokens held on exchanges, users do not have to manually initiate the migration from v1 to V2. The respective crypto exchanges can handle the consolidation process themselves, and you will receive email notifications when completed.
  • Token on Hard Wallet: To consolidate your SFM tokens on cold or hard wallets, you must use your private keys to import the wallet into your SafeMoon Wallet app, then follow the first step above.

What are the impressive features of the SafeMoon Coin ?

Token Consolidation

The SafeMoon V2 upgrade introduced the consolidation of SafeMoon tokens (1000:1). In other words, 10000 SAFEMOON at $1000 on v1 now becomes 10 SFM at $1000 on V2, thereby raising the token’s value. The number of tokens owned by a holder changes, but their actual worth remains the same. Simply said, your money does not reduce or increase; only the token you own changes.

Improved Accessibility and Security

Whenever a SafeMoon transaction is initiated, a fee of 10% is charged, of which 5% is distributed among holders in a process known as reflection. The remaining 5% is allocated to liquidity pools that offer SFM on DEXs. Certain exchanges lacked the structure to allow holders to earn a share of the reflection. However, SafeMoon V2 hopes to solve that problem by making it easy for SafeMoon holders to receive their reflection share.

SafeMoon Price History

SafeMoon launched on 8 March 2021 with an initial price of $0.000000001; traders started to get interested, and the price soon reached $0.00000158 on 3 April. By April 20, the value of SAFEMOON had surged to $0.00001399, a 785% increase in value. To put things even more starkly, if you had bought into SafeMoon when it was launched, then you would have seen the value of your investment shoot up by a stratospheric 1,398,900%. 

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 2

If you had bought a dollar’s worth of SafeMoon coins when it launched and sold at its peak on 20 April – just over a month after it became available – you’d have ended up a millionaire, even after your SafeMoon sales tax had been taken.

The mega-boom was short-lived, however. By the end of April 2021, the token had lost 61% of its market value. Since then, the price has gradually declined and closed at $0.00000207 on 23 August, according to CoinMarketCap. Between September and October, SAFEMOON traded between $0.000001075 and $0.00000654, giving room for some gains. SafeMoon opened trading in November at $0.000005272 but soon went bearish and closed out the month at $0.000003079.

December 2021 was a defining month for SafeMoon as the development team launched SafeMoon V2, and the value of the coin was consolidated on a 1000:1 ratio. From the earliest data available, SFM opened trading at $0.001639 on December 16 and ended the month at $0.002558 – a 56% price increase attributable to the positivity surrounding the V2 migration.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 3

SafeMoon V2 gained some momentum at the start of January 2022 and soared to $0.004798. The SafeMoon token value declined steadily afterward, and by the end of February 2022, it had lost 77.9% of its market value.

Perhaps the most exciting comparison to SafeMoon is Dogecoin, another cryptocurrency whose market rates seem to be influenced by online enthusiasm more than anything else. Dogecoin price stayed at minimal levels before reaching around half a dollar recently. While SafeMoon is nowhere near that level, it is another meme-style coin that could potentially experience a massive upshot.

SafeMoon V2 (SFM) started at $0.001192 on March 1, and currently, its market price is $0.001263. The token’s price had gained over 2% in 24 hours, while its 24-hr trading volume had increased by 26%. In addition, the self-reported market capitalization and circulating supply of SFM are $730,286,137 and 575.00B SFM, respectively.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 4

SafeMoon Developments 2022

In February 2022, an emerging utility coin, EverGrow Coin (EGC), announced its partnership with the developers of SafeMoon. The baseline of this partnership is to make EGC swaps available on the native SafeMoon crypto wallet. Consequently, the availability of EGC will make the SafeMoon wallet more useful to speculators and potential investors.

On a much bigger scene, the EGC partnership could be a significant game-changer for SafeMoon, as the former is gaining massive traction in the crypto space. Purchasing EGC via the SafeMoon wallet could potentially spur the market price of SFM to newer heights.

Having detailed SafeMoon’s journey, let’s get into the price predictions.

Safemoon Price Prediction (Update) 

Safemoon Technical Analysis

Safemoon has been on a downward trend this year, losing over 98% from the beginning of the year. It has little price momentum, and the William Alligator trendlines show it will drop lower.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 5

Safemoon Price Predictions Authority Sites


Wallet Investor uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on historical data to predict Safemoon’s price. The AI ranks Safemoon’s past performance as ‘D.’ It comments that Safemoon would make a ‘bad’ one-year investment; Safemoon coins will trade at $0.000000001 in one year. Safemoon will be on a downward trend in the coming two weeks.  It will fall from Safemoon price today to $0.000000017 at the end of the period. Safemoon’s return on investment (ROI) in 2024 will be -96.61%, 2025 will be -96.97%, 2026 will be -95.12%, and 2027 will be -98.39%.


Trading beasts use linear and polynomial regression to provide a Safemoon price forecast. Safemoon digital currency will trade at $0.0005271 in August. It will gradually gain value towards the end of the year, closing at $0.0006486 in December. The gradual fall will continue until February 2023. Safemoon prices will rise from $0.0007351 in March to $0.0009584 at the end of the year. Safemoon cryptocurrency will be bullish in 2024 and 2025. In 2024 Safemoon will trade at $0.0009810 in January and $0.0011943 in December. In 2025 Safemoon will trade at $0.0012114 in January and $0.0013743 in December.

Digitalcoin Price

Safemoon cryptocurrency has been on a downward trend this year. Safemoon cryptocurrency will trade at $0.00000000653 in August. The coin will then trade sideways for the rest of the year. Safemoon will be on a bullish trend from 2023 to 2031. Safemoon will trade at an average price of $0.00000000703 in 2023. In 2025, Safemoon will trade at $0.00000000913. It will reach a maximum price of $0.0000000102 and a minimum price of $0.00000000822. In 2030, Safemoon will trade at $0.0000000221. It will reach a maximum price of $0.0000000231and a minimum price of $0.0000000212.


SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 6
SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 7

The Safemoon Price Prediction 2022

The Safemoon price prediction for 2022 is $0.00000012. Safemoon, contrary to its moon ambitions, is down 98% from its opening price this year. The downward trend is expected to slow down in the second half of 2022. Safemoon will trade between a minimum price of $0.00000011 and a maximum price of $0.00000014.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2023

The Safemoon price prediction for 2023 is $0.00000018. Safemoon is in the second of its mission, where it is prioritizing its technology for innovation. Innovations will be a ground-breaker for Safemoon as it is currently falling behind its competitors. Safemoon trade will range from $0.00000017 to $0.00000020 in 2023.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2024

The Safemoon price prediction for 2024 is $0.00000027; Bitgert is Safemoons competitor. Bitgert launched with a promise of over 10,000 projects. The rapidly expanding Bitgert ecosystem is stealing Safemoon’s ecosystem; therefore, the need to innovate Safemoon. Safemoon digital assets will reach a high price of $0.00000030 and a low price of $0.00000026.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2025

The Safemoon price prediction for 2025 is $0.00000038. Safemoon is highly undervalued, considering its considerable ambitions. It has a low market cap and low trading volumes and therefore has the potential to pump 10 times when compared to other highly-priced cryptocurrencies. Value growth will see Safemoon digital assets reach a high price of $0.00000045 and a low price of $0.00000037.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2026

The Safemoon price prediction for 2026 is $0.00000057. Safemoon boasts of an award-winning community, the Safemoon army. The community trusts that Safemoon will surge to new high records in the future. The community ensures a positive market sentiment attracting investors and speculators. Safemoon will trade between $0.00000055 and $0.00000063.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2027

The Safemoon price prediction for 2027 is $0.00000086. The Safemoon token burn mechanism is expected to protect the community from inflation. Reducing the circulating supply of the token increases its value even with constant demand. Safemoon will sell between a low of $0.00000084 and a high of $0.00000095 for the year.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2028

The Safemoon price prediction for 2028 is $0.00000126. Safemoon has plans to invest in the metaverse and NFTs. The fruition of these projects will increase the utility of the Safemoon token. It will also attract a new community of creators, traders, and developers. Safemoon prices will range from $0.00000122 to $0.00000149.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2029

The Safemoon price prediction for 2029 is $0.00000181. Safemoon is built on a sustainable Binance chain. Its tokenomics and low fees make it a suitable option for payment. Safemoon can be used in cross-border e-commerce, enabling fast and verifiable settlements. Safemoon will sell between $0.00000174 and $0.00000211.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2030

The Safemoon price prediction for 2030 is $0.00000258. Safemoon launched its second version- Safemoon V2. In the new model, the dev team burnt all their tokens and participated like everyone else in the community. The upgrade made it possible for Safemoon to be community-led. Safemoon will trade between $0.00000250 and $0.00000307 for the year.

Safemoon Price Prediction 2031

The Safemoon price prediction for 2031 is $0.00000378. Safemoon has plans to introduce an exchange. The Safemoon exchange is revolutionary in that it will bring the tokenomics of other cryptos to its platform. The move will increase the exposure of its native token to more users from other communities. The price will hover between $0.00000439 and $0.00000368 for the year.

SafeMoon Price Prediction 2022-2031: Does SafeMoon have a future? 7

Safemoon Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

Crypto Vault provides Safemoon price prediction and technical analysis.


There are a lot of promising crypto projects out there, and SafeMoon is one of them. Due to its SafeMoon Swap and Version 2 update, the company has increased its use and investors’ trust. The price of SafeMoon V2 (SFM) might skyrocket if the SafeMoon team continues to improve the ecosystem’s scalability and security.

The Safemoon community recently progressed to version 2 with new tokenomics. The new model makes Safemoon a community-led project. The platform has developed when compared to Bitgert. The Safemoon army is, however, ambitious with plans to develop a metaverse, NFT projects, and a crypto exchange. However, the coin’s low market capitalization makes it easy to be overlooked by investors.

High-profile celebrity endorsements help Safemoon amass millions of investors and a devoted online community in a relatively short amount of time. In order to compete with the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the initiative has teamed up with EverGrow. Further, Safemoon teamed with Simplex to develop a slimline crypto wallet in 2021. Safemoon gives token holders a 5% dividend.

Despite the great aspects of Safemoon, it is vital to note that this cryptocurrency is still in its early stages and is quite dangerous. Not only that, but Safemoon is devoid of any notable utility. The Company’s utilization and investor trust have increased due to its SafeMoon Swap and Version 2 updates. If the SafeMoon team continues to improve the ecosystem’s scalability and security, the price of SafeMoon V2 (SFM) may soar.

However, like with conventional cryptocurrencies, investors cannot expect certain profits. You should perform your own research and contact financial investors before joining the SafeMoon V2 train. Safemoon is highly volatile and trades at the mercy of the crypto market sentiment. As the crypto market recovers, we expect Safemoon to follow suit.

Like with mainstream cryptocurrencies, returns are not assured for investors. Before boarding the SafeMoon V2 train, you should conduct your own investigation and contact financial investors.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.


Is SafeMoon wallet safe?

It is exceedingly improbable that the SafeMoon wallet would be hacked because it is based on a mathematical and scientific blockchain algorithm. As SafeMoon owners, you are already masters of your wallet, and so its protection comes within your sphere of accountability.

Can I profit from SafeMoon?

Yes, but you must regularly monitor the price of SafeMoon and perform due diligence on the price estimate in order to benefit. Continue to read price forecasts and monitor SafeMoon's future prices. Analyze your risk/benefit ratio to better manage your portfolio transactions and trade with confidence in crypto tokens to prevent price drops and maximize your profit.

Why do people believe SafeMoon?

SafeMoon currency is one of the most transparent and decentralized assets available. It's no surprise that its benefits outweigh its drawbacks. That is why investors choose to buy SafeMoon with confidence and keep a close eye on future SafeMoon price forecasts. Purchasing SafeMoon is one of the greatest investment tips for both the short and long term.

Is SafeMoon a good buy?

SafeMoon's value is projected to climb more as scarcity encourages price increases. Please keep in mind that each investment involves some risk. Simply invest in what you can do before drawing any judgments and conducting as much research as possible.

Can I make money with SafeMoon?

With a massive market cap, SafeMoon speaks for itself. However, you need to constantly track the price of SafeMoon and do your due diligence on the price forecast for profit. A piece of sound investment advice is to buy at the minimum price and watch out for current price predictions and future costs of SafeMoon constantly. Analyze your risk/benefit ratio to control your portfolio transactions and trade with confidence in crypto tokens to avoid any unnecessary price drop.

Why should I use SAfeMoon over Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Compared to Ethereum, SafeMoon’s deflationary mechanism continues to help the coin appreciate.

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