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  • The drop will happen on 12 December 2022, 10:30 AM EST
  • The public mint will start on 14 December 2022
  • A US shipping address is mandatory for receiving sneakers

The physical world and NFTs are coming closer and closer day by day. With the collaboration of RFTKT NFT and Cryptokicks iRL, the gap between the two worlds has shrunken. The Nike shoes had brought a revolution in the shoe industry with its innovation, and now it is bringing innovation in the crypto market and Web 3. Alongside Cryptokicks and RFTKT, the project features new sneakers having the latest technological features.

What is Cryptokicks

It is one of the most advanced smart sneakers, which was introduced to the crypto industry with the help of RTFKT, aiming to bring revolution in smart sneaker technology. A number of features are added to this project which include automatic lacing, better lighting, proper feedback, gesture control, and walk detection. Additionally, Cryptokicks iRl can be connected to your mobile device via an app and can be wirelessly charged with the RFTKT power deck.

The distribution method

The sneakers will be distributed among the investors in different ways. Only 19k sneakers supply is available in the market. As there are four different types of colors: Blackout, Stone, Ice, and Space Matter, you can receive the color of your choice.

All those minters and forgers who take place in the distribution will receive a pair of digital assets in the form of NFT and a physical pair in the form of Nike sneakers.

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Cryptokicks colors

When will this happen?

The drop will happen on 12 December 2022, 10:30 AM EST, this will be a private mint, and anyone who holds Lace Engine NFT will be able to mint and forge up to the last stock. Additionally, those having a Lace Engine NFT can mint before and during the public mint.

Draw registration

The draw registration will start on 7 December and will end on 9 December. The end time is 11 AM EST. However, to participate in the draw, you need to have a few things, which include,

  • A US shipping address
  • An RTFKT account: this account must be supported by WalletConnect
  • There should be 0.5 Eth in your wallet

Additionally, only one person can participate in the draw through one unique RTFKT account.  

Where to buy Lace Engine NFT

As mentioned above, you can only forge and mint only if you have Lace Engine NFTs. There are several secondary places from where you can buy the Lace Engine NFTs. One of them is OpenSea. With one Lace Engine NFT, you can redeem one pair of Cryptokicks in 4 different colors. The more Lace Engine NFTs you have, the more you can forge and mint. There is no restriction as long as the supply is there to be minted or forged.

Public mint

The public mint will start on 14 December 2022, and people will be randomly selected from those who applied for the draw, and they will receive an email regarding their mint and forge on 13 December. Each winner will be able to forge and mint 4 Cryptokicks iRL. However, supply is conditioned to this forge and mint.

There will be no separate windows for forging and minting for this drop. It is expected that both the mint and forge will occur simultaneously, which means that both minters and forgers will receive and redeem physical sneakers simultaneously.

Final dates for delivery and app

The final dates for delivery of sneakers and mobile apps are announced. The sneakers will be delivered in May 2023. Similarly, the mobile app will also be launched in May 2023. However, it should be noted that people having US shipping addresses will be able to receive the sneakers because it is conditioned.

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