Roblox calls XRP crypto payments support “inaccurate”


  • Reports have it that Roblox is not adding Ripple’s XRP token despite the rumors rapidly spreading claims of listing the digital currency. 
  • The current Roblox and XRP rumored reports clearly show the effect false reports have on the highly volatile crypto market.
  • Roblox explains that its design isn’t meant to support crypto transactions.
  • Of the many reasons Roblox declined to support XRP include its gamer audience, which includes minors. 

The crypto world is an ever-evolving space that has faced various events leading to the development of blockchain technology. However, news reports have always affected the digital market, and the latest report by Roblox has concluded on the XRP token support claims in the platform. 

Roblox is not adding Ripple’s XRP token despite the rumors rapidly spreading claims of listing the digital currency. The famous online gaming platform debunked these claims, denying the online rumors. 

The current reports are among the many instances where inaccurate reports have saturated the market and caused significant market shifts. This is  because crypto coins are majorly affected by news, among other factors

Roblox and XRP 

Following the circulating claims on Tuesday of Roblox supporting XRP payments, the gaming platform has denied such intentions. Roblox responded to this through its website and social media handles, issuing a statement that concluded the rumors as fake news

The platform added that purchasing Robux and paying in-game purchases with Ripple’s XRP token is “inaccurate.” They further stated that payment using other cryptocurrencies is not at all possible. Roblox explained that its design isn’t meant to support crypto transactions, and claims suggesting otherwise are false. 

These rumors started on Monday when BitPay posted a tweet on X confirming the use of XRP in Xsolla payments for its games. They tagged other gaming platforms, including Smite and Roblox. This ignited the rumors that spread like wildfire across the crypto world. 

BitPay posted stating, Xsolla now accepts XRP with BitPay as a payment method for their games such as Smite and Roblox.” The now-deleted post also confirmed, “You can use your favorite cryptocurrency to buy, play, and enjoy gaming like never before.” 

Bill Zielke, BitPay’s CMO, responded to why the tweet was deleted and was quoted, 

There was an error in the tweet. We will have more tweets about merchants accepting crypto in the near future. Stay tuned.

Bill Zielke, BitPay’s CMO

XRP in the gaming industry

Regardless of the post being removed indefinitely, the claims spread over the digital space and among the gaming community. Among the tweets confirming BitPay’s new developments was Scott Melker, X’s name tag, The Wolf Of Wall Street, which has gained over 300,000 views. 

His tweet only suggested the potential of integrating XRP into Roblox’s payment methods and the implications such a move could make on the gaming platform. He reflected on the already confirmed move by Xsolla and BitPay. Among the favorable signals he stated were the suitable climate for less legal claims. 

However, Roblox confirmed that teaming up with BitPay in supporting XRP to its gamers was untrue. The various reasons why Roblox declined to support XRP include its gamer audience, which includes minors. 

They could be exposed to a whole new world of complexities that might be harmful to the demographic. Secondly, regulatory uncertainty could compromise the network based on the unforeseen legal challenges that might follow if linked with XRP. 

Moreover, compliance with Apple Store policies that are strict on crypto-related applications. Violation of these policies could mean the delisting of the gaming app on the app stores. 

Additionally, Roblox focuses on its digital currency, Robux, which allows users to place purchases within the gaming platform. This gives them control over their in-game economy.

It is not the first instance when false reports have spread like smoke in the wind, even after confirmation of inaccuracy. Another recent event was when Cointelegraph posted an inaccurate report stating claims of the SEC supporting BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF earlier this week. This caused a sudden spike in Bitcoin’s market price, displaying how the crypto market is easily influenced by news. 

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