Robinhood expands operations in Europe after Ziglu purchase


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TL;DR Breakdown

• American crypto platform expands its operations to Europe
• Robinhood platform shares raise with their latest announcement

Recently the Robinhood crypto wallet spoke about its future expansions where Ziglu, a financial institution in England, would be helping them to fulfill their mission. According to reports, the American crypto platform would be acquiring the European server to offer its financial services.

The crypto company will allow the commercialization of about ten cryptos; among them, Bitcoin and Ethereum would stand out. Robinhood seeks to promote crypto trading under the strict rules imposed by national regulators. According to its manager, the platform hopes to focus on the European territory and several countries in Asia.

Crypto platform Robinhood is coming to the UK


Since 2021, crypto has been expanding to almost the entire world, including the UK. With another year of a pandemic due to Covid-19, not surprisingly, several companies and entrepreneurs seek refuge in cryptos to not lose their economic stability. As one of the most innovative crypto platforms, Robinhood plans to reach each country where decentralized commerce is needed.

According to the CEO of the crypto platform, Tenev Vlad, his team would be working with the financial server Ziglu to offer their virtual trade. Not only the United Kingdom would be included in its expansion plans, but the entire European territory.

Ziglu: a financial company that complies with crypto regulations


According to the director at Robinhood, the financial company complies with the crypto regulations that the authority has imposed as decentralized trading gains popularity on the continent.

Ziglu is on the list of the best companies registered under the behavioral financial agency. This would leave the crypto company a favorite for regulators, plus there are another hundred firms that regulators do not like.

After the crypto platform revealed its future projects, an increase of almost 2 percent in its shares was seen. Each share in the crypto wallet is worth $11.19. This will be a breakthrough if you remember that by mid-2021, the company was down over 70 percent in value.

The national regulators clarified that they need not investigate this company because they comply with the imposed laws. The regulatory authority gives Robinhood free will to operate within the territory if they keep an eye on their system. The manager of the crypto platform said that after arriving in the United Kingdom, he hopes to expand to other countries in the territory and the Asian continent.

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