Ripple’s legal expert takes on SEC over stunning Bitcoin ETF misstep

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In an unexpected turn of events, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found itself at the center of a significant security breach on its official Twitter account, known as the “X account.” 

This breach occurred on Tuesday when a post was made, falsely claiming that the SEC had given the green light to launch a spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). However, Chairman Gary Gensler swiftly moved to clarify that no such approval had been granted. He attributed the misleading post to an unauthorized user and promptly had it removed.

Ripple legal expert demands transparency

Stuart Alderoty, the chief legal officer at Ripple, responded to the incident with a sense of urgency. Citing SEC rules, Alderoty has set a four-day deadline for the disclosure of the nature and scope of the security breach, as well as its potential impact on the financial markets. 

In a tweet addressing the matter, Alderoty also shared a link to the SEC’s rules on cybersecurity risk management and incident disclosure. His actions underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in assessing, identifying, and preventing cybersecurity threats of this nature.

SEC’s commitment to prompt disclosure

Alderoty’s sense of urgency aligns with the SEC’s commitment to promptly disclose material cybersecurity incidents. Recently adopted rules, introduced under Chairman Gensler’s leadership, require registrants to promptly disclose any material cybersecurity incident. 

This disclosure must comprehensively describe the incident’s nature, scope, timing, and potential impact. Importantly, registrants must make this disclosure within four business days of determining the incident’s significance. The only exception to this rule is when immediate disclosure poses a substantial risk to national security or public safety.

The breach and subsequent false announcement regarding the Bitcoin ETF approval have raised concerns about the security of official SEC communications and the potential impact of such incidents on the financial markets.

The significance of the security breach

The security breach on the SEC’s official Twitter account is a matter of substantial concern, given the regulatory body’s pivotal role in overseeing the U.S. financial markets. False information, especially concerning the approval or disapproval of financial products like Bitcoin ETFs, can profoundly impact investor sentiment and market behavior. 

Misleading announcements can lead to unwarranted price fluctuations and even financial losses for investors who act on the false information.

Chairman Gary Gensler’s swift response to clarify the situation demonstrates the SEC’s commitment to maintaining the integrity and transparency of its regulatory processes. However, it also highlights the vulnerability of official communication channels to unauthorized access and misuse.

Stuart Alderoty’s Four-day deadline

Stuart Alderoty’s call for a four-day deadline to disclose the security breach’s details is grounded in the SEC’s regulations. These regulations prioritize transparency and accountability in the face of cybersecurity incidents. By setting this deadline, Alderoty aims to ensure that the SEC adheres to the same standards of disclosure that it imposes on the entities it regulates.

SEC’s emphasis on national security and public safety

While the SEC strongly emphasizes prompt disclosure, it acknowledges that there may be exceptional circumstances where immediate disclosure poses a substantial risk to national security or public safety. This exception reflects the delicate balance between transparency and protecting sensitive information that could harm the nation or its citizens.

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