Ripple prepares to unleash 96M XRP from reserves in 2023


  • Ripple transfers 240 million XRP tokens from its primary account, demonstrating its systematic management of escrowed XRP reserves.
  • The transaction leaves about 96.34 million XRP in Ripple’s principal spending wallet, valued at approximately $59.73 million.
  • Ripple’s strategy aims to stabilize the XRP market by reallocating tokens and mitigating potential price disruptions.

Ripple, the company behind the XRP token, has executed a significant transaction involving its escrowed XRP reserves. This move is part of Ripple’s ongoing strategy to manage its substantial XRP holdings, sparking interest and discussions within the crypto community about the potential market implications.

Ripple’s strategic XRP reallocation

Recently, Ripple transferred 240 million XRP tokens from its principal account, a step in its systematic approach to distributing and selling escrow XRP coins. This transaction is part of Ripple’s broader strategy to stabilize the XRP market by reallocating tokens from its main spending wallet, known as “Ripple 1.” Following this transaction, approximately 96.34 million XRP remains in Ripple’s principal spending wallet, valued at around $59.73 million based on the current market price of $0.62 per XRP.

Despite the substantial volume of tokens entering the market, analysts anticipate that such a sell-off by Ripple may not significantly disrupt the existing price dynamics of XRP. Ripple’s handling of its XRP reserves is a subject of continuous observation, as the company holds a significant reserve of 40.7 billion XRP tokens in escrow. Ripple plans to gradually unlock these tokens until 2027, consistently re-locking some of the released XRP, underscoring its cautious and strategic approach to reserve management.

Market reactions and future outlook

The cryptocurrency community closely monitors XRP’s moves, especially in light of a substantial withdrawal of XRP tokens from the Binance exchange. This transaction, involving the transfer of $86 million worth of XRP to a new wallet, has raised questions about the intentions behind the move. It could indicate a shift towards self-custody by a large investor or a transfer to another exchange. This development comes amid a period of price stagnation for XRP, which has been hovering around $0.623, following a peak at $0.69 earlier in December.

Market observers are speculating about the potential impact of Ripple potentially liquidating its balance of XRP. Such a move could influence the cryptocurrency’s price, adding a layer of uncertainty for investors and holders. The recent activities involving XRP reserves are a reminder of the intricate nature of token management and its influence on the cryptocurrency market.

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