Ripple likely paid its way to Coinbase listing against the policy

Alistair Milne a famed crypto enthusiast, investor and somewhat of a celebrity in the crypto sphere has revealed a conversation with the Director of Communication at the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase that hints a paid listing against its own rules.

Milne had asked the Coinbase official wether or not the currency Ripple (XRP) has made its way through to the trading area through a payment. He asked the official “how much Ripple were” given to the exchange to allow a listing? He further enquired whether or not the exchange has taken permission from the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to sell a security.

The director of communication Elliot Suthers neither confirmed nor denied that the exchange has listed Ripple in a trade exchange rather left an ambiguous hinting answer that he is “happy to discuss off the record”, however, he told Milne that he would not be discussing the issue with Milne on a public forum.

Milne has since shared his conversation with the communication director on Twitter stirring the controversial claim that the currency may have made its way on the platform through a payment deal.

Media reports have already revealed that the Coinbase has put aside its own rules and regulations and policies to put XRP on the trading platform. The currency has seen a spike in its pricing since the announcement and is currently being trading on the exchange.