Ripple investors are optimistic on $100 XRP in the future

  • A significant percentage of XRP holders said they are positive that the cryptocurrency will reach $100 in the future.
  • Many of them plan to sell once the crypto price peaks to that level.

In recent months, Ripple (XRP), the native cryptocurrency of the Blockchain payment company, was outperformed by US-dollar stablecoin, Tether (USDT), the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Additionally, the cryptocurrency has traded below $1 in the price for a very long time. This formed the subject of mockery against Ripple investors and to the crypto itself.

Despite the price performance of the cryptocurrency, the latest survey conducted for the XRP community showed that Ripple investors are still very bullish on the crypto.

Many Ripple investors are hoping for $100 XRP

A supposed Ripple investor, XRP_Cro, reportedly conducted the XRP survey. It comprised more than 1,000 investors in the XRP community, and it’s claimed to be the largest poll ever conducted. The survey results recently shared by the XRP_Cro indicated that a significant number of Ripple investors are still very much optimistic that the fourth-largest cryptocurrency will spike to more than $100 in time to come.

Precisely, about 72 percent of Ripple investors polled vouched for a $100-priced Ripple cryptocurrency in the future. To many people, the XRP community may be having too much confidence in the cryptocurrency, following its price performance in recent years. This confidence amongst the XRP community gives more explanation on why Ripple investors keep holding the cryptocurrency.

Almost all XRP holders are strong hands

According to the result, about 94.3 percent of Ripple investors polled indicated that they had held the cryptocurrency for a long time. About 5.7 percent said they are interested in trading the cryptocurrency. Another interesting result from the survey is that the people who invested in XRP cryptocurrency did so intending to get rich or make good profits through the digital currency. 

About 68 percent of the people polled agreed to this. Only 15 percent of the people said they got associated with the cryptocurrency because they are interested in new payment technologies, i.e., they are using the cryptocurrency for payment purposes. 

Meanwhile, 43 percent of the investors said they would completely or partially exit the XRP market if the cryptocurrency manages to reach the $100 price level between 2021 and the next five years. However, nearly 40 percent plans to leave whenever the cryptocurrency reaches $10 or $50.

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