Ripple CEO slams SEC Chair


  • Ripple CEO criticizes SEC Chair for crypto regulation hypocrisy.
  • SEC Chair worries about crypto noncompliance hurting consumers.
  • Ripple’s legal officer calls out SEC’s inconsistent crypto regulation.

In a recent development in the ongoing cryptocurrency regulation debate, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has publicly criticized Gary Gensler, the Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Garlinghouse accused Gensler of exhibiting “stunning hypocrisy” in the SEC’s approach to regulating the cryptocurrency space, sparking a contentious exchange of words between the two industry figures.

Garlinghouse’s accusations

Taking to social media, Brad Garlinghouse expressed his disapproval of Chair Gary Gensler’s recent comments regarding compliance within the cryptocurrency industry. Garlinghouse did not mince words, alleging that Gensler had associations with what he termed “the biggest fraud in recent memory.”

This bold assertion hinted at a controversial chapter in Gensler’s past, now used as ammunition in the ongoing debate.

Garlinghouse also criticized Gensler’s leadership, asserting that it has been detrimental to both consumers and the integrity of the SEC. He called attention to what he perceived as Gensler’s close ties to Wall Street, raising questions about conflicts of interest and the SEC’s ability to regulate fairly.

Gensler’s concerns on crypto compliance

Gary Gensler, who has been at the helm of the SEC since April 2021, has consistently emphasized the need for enhanced cryptocurrency compliance. In his recent remarks that drew Garlinghouse’s ire, Gensler pointed out widespread noncompliance issues within the cryptocurrency space. 

He expressed deep concern about the negative impact of noncompliance on consumer confidence. He highlighted the unfortunate situations faced by individuals dealing with the fallout of such violations in bankruptcy courts.

Gensler’s stance on the importance of cryptocurrency compliance has been a central theme of his tenure as SEC Chair. He argues that noncompliance poses a substantial risk to investors and the broader financial system, and he has called for stricter oversight to protect market participants.

Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer weighs in

In addition to Brad Garlinghouse’s criticism, Stuart Alderoty, Ripple‘s Chief Legal Officer, raised concerns about the SEC’s regulatory approach. Alderoty’s critique extends beyond Gensler’s leadership and delves into a broader pattern of perceived regulatory missteps by the Commission.

Alderoty cited several court cases in which the SEC faced criticism for its inconsistent and, at times, arbitrary regulatory decisions. He pointed to instances where the SEC failed to meet deadlines for amending regulations and refrain from offering clear guidance on the classification of syndicated loans. 

According to Alderoty, these examples underscore a need for the SEC to improve its regulatory consistency and transparency.

The ongoing regulatory debate

The public exchange of criticisms between Ripple’s CEO and the SEC Chair underscores the contentious nature of the ongoing debate over cryptocurrency regulation in the United States. 

The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly evolving, with new technologies and financial products emerging regularly. As a result, regulators like the SEC face the challenge of adapting existing laws and regulations to this dynamic landscape.

Gensler’s tenure at the SEC has been marked by a proactive approach to addressing these challenges. He has repeatedly stressed the importance of regulating the crypto industry to protect investors and maintain market integrity. 

However, this approach has faced pushback from some industry participants who argue that it stifles innovation and imposes overly burdensome regulatory requirements.

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