Revolut unveils new crypto exchange tailored for advanced traders


  • Revolut announces a new cryptocurrency exchange designed for advanced traders, offering lower fees ranging from 0% to 0.09% and enhanced analytical tools.
  • The platform will support limit and market orders, with limit orders incurring no fees, aiming to attract experienced traders seeking detailed market insights and cost-efficiency.

Digital bank Revolut has announced the introduction of a new cryptocurrency exchange specifically designed for “advanced traders.” This development was disclosed through a customer email highlighting Revolut’s efforts to cater to its more sophisticated customer base segment.

Revolut, known for its innovative financial solutions, currently provides basic crypto services to its vast clientele of over 30 million users worldwide. This new exchange platform is set to offer competitive fees and advanced market analytics, aiming to enhance the trading experience for seasoned investors.

Revolut’s enhanced features for advanced trading

Revolut’s upcoming cryptocurrency exchange promises to revolutionize the trading experience for its users by introducing lower transaction fees and deeper analytical tools compared to its existing app. Transaction fees are notably competitive, ranging from 0% to 0.09%, positioning Revolut as a cost-effective option in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Furthermore, the platform is designed to support both limit and market orders, providing traders with flexibility in executing their strategies. Limit orders, which allow traders to set specific prices for buying or selling assets, will be processed without any fees, adding to the appeal of Revolut’s new offering.

The initiative reflects Revolut’s commitment to enhancing its cryptocurrency services and addressing the needs of a more experienced trading demographic. By integrating advanced features such as detailed market analytics and cost-efficient trading options, Revolut aims to attract a market segment seeking more control and insight over cryptocurrency transactions.

Regulatory adaptations and market expansion

This announcement comes after Revolut’s recent suspension of crypto services for business customers in the UK, a decision influenced by the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) new regulations on crypto promotions. Despite these regulatory challenges, Revolut continues to innovate and expand its crypto-related offerings, demonstrating adaptability and a forward-looking approach in the rapidly evolving digital finance industry.

In addition to launching the new exchange, the bank plans to list Solana’s popular meme coin, BONK, as part of a “learn and earn” campaign. This move is expected to diversify the options available to Revolut users and engage them in educational initiatives that reward participation with cryptocurrency, further solidifying its position as a key player in the digital banking and cryptocurrency sectors.

Revolut’s strategic expansion into advanced cryptocurrency trading services marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth. The bank is poised to meet the demands of advanced traders seeking a more refined and cost-effective trading environment by offering a platform that combines competitive pricing with sophisticated analytical tools.

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