ByteDance Announces Restructuring Plans for Nuverse Gaming, Exiting Industry


  • ByteDance is restructuring Nuverse, resulting in job losses and the halt of game development, including “Marvel Snap.”
  • ByteDance is exiting the gaming industry to focus on TikTok, Douyin, and e-commerce.
  • Other ByteDance-owned companies like Moonton may be sold, but Douyin games from Ohayoo remain unaffected.

In a strategic move to refocus its business portfolio, Chinese tech giant ByteDance has revealed plans to restructure its gaming subsidiary, Nuverse. The decision comes as ByteDance aims to exit the gaming industry, with a clear directive to concentrate on its short-form video hosting services such as TikTok and Douyin, along with e-commerce initiatives.

Nuverse restructuring: Job losses and IP cease

ByteDance’s restructuring of Nuverse will result in a significant number of job losses, with reports suggesting that hundreds of positions within the gaming division will be affected. This move is part of ByteDance’s broader effort to streamline operations and reallocate resources to areas of long-term strategic growth.

As a consequence of the restructuring, Nuverse will gradually halt the development of intellectual properties (IPs) currently in progress. Additionally, there are indications that ByteDance is exploring potential options for the sale of existing gaming titles under Nuverse. One notable title in this category is the card battler game “Marvel Snap,” which was initially launched for mobile devices in 2022 and later extended to the Steam platform in August 2023.

ByteDance’s gaming exit strategy

The decision to restructure Nuverse marks ByteDance’s exit from the gaming sector, a move driven by the company’s intention to shift its focus away from gaming competition, particularly with major rival Tencent. While Nuverse experienced success with titles like Vi_Games’ “Crystal of Atlan,” the fate of “Marvel Snap” is cited as a factor contributing to the strategic shift. The card battler game failed to achieve the expected commercial success for Nuverse.

ByteDance’s overarching strategy includes a phased reduction of its gaming-related investments and assets. The company has reportedly been closing down gaming studios and reducing staff as part of this broader initiative. Layoffs have already occurred at ByteDance’s virtual reality (VR) unit, Pico, with approximately a quarter of jobs cut.

Impact on other ByteDance investments

The ripple effects of ByteDance’s restructuring extend beyond Nuverse, with Moonton Technology also feeling the impact. ByteDance is reportedly exploring potential buyers for Moonton Technology, signaling a divestment from certain gaming assets. The exact extent of job reductions at Moonton Technology remains unspecified at this time.

Contrastingly, Chinese studio Ohayoo, known for its games featured on the short-form video hosting service Douyin, emerges unscathed from the restructuring. ByteDance’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its gaming offerings on Douyin assures users that all games featured on the platform will remain unaffected by the strategic shift.

ByteDance’s focus on TikTok, douyin, and e-commerce

ByteDance’s restructuring efforts align with its broader vision to prioritize short-form video hosting services and e-commerce ventures. The company has been actively consolidating its business interests, with layoffs reported in various units, including VR and gaming.

The decision to exit the gaming industry underscores ByteDance’s commitment to fortify its position in the highly competitive realms of short-form video content and e-commerce. As the restructuring unfolds, ByteDance aims to reallocate resources strategically, concentrating on areas that align with its long-term growth objectives.

ByteDance’s announcement of Nuverse’s restructuring and its exit from the gaming industry reflects a decisive shift in corporate strategy. The company’s focus on TikTok, Douyin, and e-commerce signals its intention to thrive in rapidly evolving digital landscapes while acknowledging the challenges and competition within the gaming sector. The repercussions of this restructuring will be felt not only by Nuverse but also by associated entities as ByteDance redefines its corporate trajectory.

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