Remnant 2 Co-op Troubleshooting Guide for PlayStation 5 Players

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  • PlayStation 5 gamers having trouble with Remnant 2 co-op can fix it by adding friends and playing together, or try removing and re-adding friends.
  • Joining a friend’s game via World Crystals is a quick workaround.
  • Keep an eye on Remnant 2 social media for updates if co-op fails randomly.

Remnant 2, a game designed for co-op gameplay, has left some PlayStation 5 users struggling to enjoy its multiplayer features. Players have faced difficulties when trying to invite or join friends in the game. While developers work on a permanent fix, a straightforward workaround has emerged to address this issue.

Troubleshooting Remnant 2 co-op issues

For those eager to get back into the co-op action, here’s how to fix co-op not working in Remnant 2.

1. Ensure friend integration: To get started, both players need to have each other added as friends on the same gaming system, in this case, PlayStation 5. It’s a crucial step to enable seamless co-op gameplay.

2. Play simultaneously: For the workaround to succeed, both players must be actively playing Remnant 2 at the same time. This synchrony is essential for the fix to work effectively.

3. Joining via World Crystal: The key to resolving co-op issues lies in the World Crystals within the game. Follow these steps:

– Access a World Crystal within the game.

– Select “Join Game” from the options presented.

– Navigate to the “Campaign” section and search for your friend’s gamertag on a different world.

– Once you locate their name, choose their current world and join their session.

Alternative solution: removing and re-adding friends

If the above workaround doesn’t yield results, some players have reported success by removing friends from their PlayStation friends list, launching Remnant 2, and then re-adding them while inside the game.

For those unable to resolve the issue through the workarounds, patience is key. Players may need to await an official patch from the developers to address the co-op problems in Remnant 2.

Checking for updates

In cases where co-op fails randomly, players are advised to monitor Remnant 2’s social media channels for any updates. There’s a possibility that the online status of the game has gone offline temporarily while the developers work to restore online services. During such downtime, co-op functionality may remain inaccessible.

While Remnant 2 offers an enriched gaming experience in co-op mode, PlayStation 5 players have encountered issues preventing them from enjoying this feature fully. However, with the provided workaround, players can continue their adventures alongside friends. For those facing persistent problems, keeping an eye on official updates and patches may be the best course of action. As developers work to ensure a smoother co-op experience, players can still find ways to team up and explore the game’s exciting world together.

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