Fans Petition to Reinstate Helldivers 2, Community Manager


  • Helldivers 2 community manager fired after voicing fan criticism; the petition demands reinstatement.
  • Sony dropped the PSN login requirement for PC after Helldivers 2 fan backlash.
  • The firing of the manager overshadows Sony’s policy reversal, and fans remain outraged.

The Helldivers 2 controversies are fresh in the PSN community and still spark. However, the overall petitions and complaints still cause some disturbance. Imagine a hilarious community manager who had her/his fans post offending criticisms and ultimately ask for compensation, and the petition made by the ‘hardcore’ Helldivers has been created. The fans are requesting the return of the talented person.

Helldivers 2 saga: Fired manager, enraged fans

While often neglected, the date and time for unveiling the latest Polar Patriot Warbond have been pushed back a fair amount. Sony’s Publishing Manager assures that from now on, PC players will not be required to link with PSN, and they have achieved over 200,000 positive reviews on the Steam platform alone to restore the game to Steam’s reputation.

Commenting on Sony’s observation in this situation will always be beneficial because they heard the fans’ voices and made amendments to their original PSN demands. This sparked a backlash from the fans because of the rude game requirements. This game has been one of the best and brightest games of the year. 

Although we can all toast with the resumption of Sony Oculus plans, among others are other fans whose fingers are crossed for another cherished casualty that has fallen to the war. The Helldivers 2 community manager has arguably been terminated because of his role in representing fans in the PSN saga conflict. The guy we hear on Discord is Spitz; he said he was laid off and no longer works at Arrowhead. Regarding the directors letting go of their post, Spitz answered the fans on Discord, “It’s not a wise decision to ask for the support that you want to get back refunds, and also give negative comments when you are a community manager.” 

                                                          Source: Helldivers Discord

As such, they answered,

“I knew I was taking a bold step as I continued to insist on the possibility of refunding and changing reviews. I did all this by doing my job through the community’s voice.”

The fans are in an uproar online, and they have started a petition that asks the director of the stadium to ‘give Spitz back his rightful position as the community manager of the stadium.’ It is expected that the current aim of the petition is to collect 2,500 signatures, and, at the moment, 1,876 persons have signed.

                                                                 Source: change.org 

Sony’s reversal marred by community uproar

The license agreement of the Sonys didn’t require PSN login, and hence, it was ‘optional’ for the PC games that were under the ownership of Sony. Based on this, they faced a backlash after the Helldiver 2 incident. This has been changed due to the player’s anger, which was further developed through numerous review bombings that would continue to the point at which there were internal discussions that would lead Sony to officially rescind this requirement entirely. HELLDIVERS values the community at large more than they did. This community’s sleeves were not without that sacrifice, but the nightmare made it through the horrors they had learned.

SPITZ, a valuable community member, opined that let’s keep plugging with the review bombing as it is not just helpful. Still, a good influence that will increase the number of Helldivers refusing a refund was the one in which most felt optimistic about returning to the game, which is likely why many didn’t try to get a refund. On 05/07/2024, at or about 11:45 PST, It was discovered that Community Manager Spitz was no longer a member of the discord; his history had been purged in a flurry of censorship activities.

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