Reddit users can now reward each other with BAT

The Brave New Token (BAT) may have scored itself one of the best partnerships it could have ever wished for. The token will now be available for rewarding a fellow Reddit user should you or anybody else enjoy their posted content on the platform.

The twist though is that rewarding the user with the BAT will only be available for Brave Browser users, which has complete integration of the BAT.

This more or less decreases the whole Reddit integration for the BAT, but it’s still better than nothing. Alongside popularising their token, they’re also trying to promote their own browser as well.

The reason as two why the partnership is so important for the BAT is because of Reddit’s authority in the whole internet, not just the crypto space.

Reddit is one of the Top 20 most visited websites in the world and tends to hold quite a large chunk of the crypto friendly community. It’s a place to share technical analysis, opinionated posts and pretty much everything in regards to the blockchain.

There are somewhere around 2 million subscribers on crypto related sub-Reddits, which gives the BAT quite the audience to work with.

Regardless of the Brave Browser gateway, the BAT is sure to act as a more popular means of rewarding a fellow Redditor.

The way Reddit’s rewards work is that people can pay fiat money to reward some OPs (Original Posters) with Silver, Gold or Platinum badges, indicating their gratitude for the content provided.

The most likely thing is that the system will remain, but BAT will become an option for the payment.