Reactor Motors hires Pierre Morel to oversee its NFT movie adaptation


  • Ethereum-based NFT project Reactor Motors has hired veteran filmmaker Pierre Morel to oversee its NFT movie adaptation.
  • Unveiling a vision beyond screens.

A digital collection of Ethereum-based NFTs known as “Reactor Motors” is set to leap to the silver screen, announced by the company responsible for these digital artworks on Thursday. Veteran filmmaker Pierre Morel, renowned for directing action-packed hits like “Taken” and “Transporter 2,” has been tapped to helm the film adaptation.

Reactor Motors appoints veteran filmmaker to oversee its project

The movie’s narrative centers on Geophysicist Eva Mason, whose exploration of a volcano in Iceland leads to a groundbreaking discovery: Reykium, a revolutionary energy source that paves the way for the development of clean-energy race cars. However, Mason’s revelation attracts the attention of a powerful energy conglomerate determined to seize control of Reykium by any means necessary.

Mike Bundlie, the creative force behind Reactor Motors and Co-Founder of Abstract Entertainment, revealed that the collaboration with Pierre Morel was born out of a shared fascination with the lore surrounding Reactor Motors. Bundlie emphasized the universal appeal of racing, citing its accessibility across international audiences. His vision for Reactor Motors was to unite disparate communities, including comic book aficionados, racing enthusiasts, and tech gamers, through a shared passion for innovation and storytelling.

Originally conceived as a comic book series unveiled during what would have been Stan Lee’s 100th birthday celebration, Reactor Motors quickly expanded into a multi-platform experience encompassing gaming and now, a cinematic endeavor. Joining Bundlie in this ambitious project is Louis Leterrier, acclaimed for his directorial work on Marvel Studio’s “The Incredible Hulk,” “Now You See Me,” and “Fast X.”

Unveiling a vision beyond screens

Bundlie disclosed that the cast for the Reactor Motors movie would be unveiled later this year, thanks to substantial financial backing for the project. Despite being a high-budget independent production, Bundlie reassured stakeholders that the film’s budget would not strain the resources of potential investors. He described the project as fitting into the “sweet spot” between a high-end indie film and a lower-budget studio project, making it an attractive proposition for both creatives and financiers.

While the allure of a Hollywood blockbuster is enticing, Bundlie emphasized that the primary objective of the Reactor Motors movie is to invigorate the NFT marketplace and introduce new intellectual properties to the mainstream. He underscored the notion that NFTs should transcend their origins in the crypto world and be recognized as a legitimate form of artistic expression with the potential to spawn original intellectual properties.

According to Bundlie, this paradigm shift opens up exciting opportunities for filmmakers to draw inspiration from a diverse array of sources beyond traditional mediums like comic books or novels. The Reactor Motors film adaptation represents a convergence of digital art, storytelling, and filmmaking, showcasing the transformative potential of NFTs as a catalyst for creative innovation. As the project gains momentum, it underscores the evolving landscape of entertainment and the expanding horizons of digital creativity. With a visionary team at the helm and a captivating narrative driving its momentum, Reactor Motors is poised to make a significant impact both within the NFT community and the broader cinematic landscape.

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