Rain Lõhmus Offers Bounty for Locked Ethereum Cache Recovery


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  • LHV Bank Founder, Rain Lõhmus, loses access to 250,000 ETH due to lost private key.
  • The lost Ethereum is valued at approximately $470 million and has been dormant since its acquisition.
  • Lõhmus’s initial investment has grown over 628,000% from its original $75,000 cost.

Rain Lõhmus, the founder of Estonia’s LHV Bank, has reportedly lost access to a digital fortune. The banker’s crypto holdings, a staggering 250,000 units of Ethereum (ETH), are currently out of reach due to a misplaced private key. The value of this digital cache stands at an estimated $470 million, a sizeable asset that has remained untapped since the early days of Ethereum’s introduction to the market.

Conor Grogan, a notable figure at cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, shed light on this digital enigma through a recent social media update. Grogan pointed out that the ETH trove, belonging to Lõhmus, has been dormant since Ethereum’s inception. The news swiftly captured the attention of the crypto community, with many highlighting the potential and pitfalls of blockchain technology’s security features.

Despite the vastness of his digital wealth, Lõhmus openly admitted in a conversation with ERR that the access codes to his wallet elude him. He has not invested substantial effort into their recovery. Yet, he extends an open invitation to those skilled enough to unlock his digital vault, offering a share in the bounty as a reward for their services.

Lõhmus’ current predicament underscores a recurring challenge he faces: the misplacement of passwords. This incident casts a spotlight on the inherent vulnerabilities that can accompany the use of blockchain technology. Despite this, it’s clear that Lõhmus’ initial foray into cryptocurrency, with an investment of just $75,000, has seen an astronomical return, rising in value by over 628,000% since Ethereum’s early days.

Moreover, at Ethereum’s peak market price in November 2021, Lõhmus’ holdings would have scaled the heights of $1.22 billion. Even with the market’s fluctuations, the current valuation remains impressive. Additionally, Grogan’s previous insights revealed that Lõhmus’ wallet had also accrued $6.5 million from airdrops, further adding to the untouched wealth.

The narrative around lost or inaccessible crypto assets is not unique to Lõhmus. Ledger’s recent introduction of a cloud-based key recovery service called Ledger Recover speaks to a broader issue within the cryptocurrency community. Developed in response to criticism and demand, the service, supported by blockchain protection platform Coincover, offers a subscription-based seed phrase recovery solution. This move by Ledger aims to mitigate the risk of loss in an industry where billions in value lie dormant due to misplaced access credentials.

Indeed, research from Glassnode suggests that nearly 10% of the entire Bitcoin supply might be irretrievable, with other sources suggesting figures as high as 25%. This represents a significant portion of digital assets that potentially reduce the circulating supply of these currencies.

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