Radar announces Bitcoin and Ethereum node operations platform

A blockchain developer, Radar, has recently announced the launch of a new product, DEPLOY, a node operations platform that facilitates the developer to create applications on the network of blockchain.

The Deploy platform helps the developers to spin up the nodes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the platform also ensures the reliability, scaling of the applications, and customization of their infrastructure according to their requirements.

Ranging from consumer tools to enterprise tools and from financial applications to blockchain applications, any application could be built on this latest platform of DEPLOY.

Where Radar node operations platform is available?

The team of Radar is the creator of RELAY, a platform that enables wallet-to-wallet token trading on Ethereum blockchain.

To promote the global growth of RELAY application in 150 countries. The team relied upon in the existing setup and in no time, realized that this would not work out in the long run, so the team started creating DEPLOY.

The Radar team is of the view that NodeOps has the potential of transforming the developing world of blockchain applications, with easing out the process of creation and management of nodes.

According to the Radar team, more integration will be coming soon, as of now, the Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s nodes can be managed. Moreover, there is also the choice of network clients along with the owned and shared nodes.