Why Putin thinks BRICS is about to overtake G7


  • Putin positions BRICS as a rising economic power, set to surpass the G7, highlighting the bloc’s growing GDP and reduced reliance on the US dollar.
  • BRICS is actively challenging the global financial dominance of the G7, signaling a shift towards a more multipolar world order.
  • The BRICS nations are not just catching up, but are positioned to reshape the global economic landscape, diminishing the longstanding dominance of the G7.

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s formidable leader, has thrown a challenge to the global financial dominion of the US dollar and the mighty G7 nations, asserting the growing financial prowess of the BRICS alliance.

With a bold assertion that BRICS is outpacing the G7 in financial strength, Putin has placed the spotlight on the narrowing GDP ratio between the 11-member BRICS group and the G7 bloc.

Astonishingly, BRICS has already trumped the G7 in global GDP when calculated by purchasing power parity (PPP), marking a seismic shift in the world’s economic balance.

Putin’s assertive commentary underscores the undeniable momentum BRICS has gained, showcasing a transformative period where the bloc is not only catching up to the G7 countries but is also poised to outstrip them in the foreseeable future.

The BRICS nations are actively strategizing, innovatively seeking avenues to diminish their dependency on the US dollar. This shift hints at potential upheavals in various sectors within the US, should BRICS decide to entirely abandon the dollar.

Decoding BRICS’ Ascendancy: A Challenge to G7 Dominance

A crucial perspective offered by Putin earlier this month paints a vivid picture of BRICS’ burgeoning wealth, even outshining the G7 group of developed nations.

Despite the historical economic divide, BRICS, a conglomerate of developing countries, is boldly challenging the G7, with clear intentions of recalibrating the global economic order this year.

Putin articulates a scenario where developing nations are progressively embracing the vision of a multipolar world. This vision is not about sidelining the US but about establishing an equitable global economy, free from the hegemony of a single nation.

Every new addition to the BRICS bloc is a testament to this ideology, as these countries are in pursuit of balanced and equal international relations.

BRICS: A Global Powerhouse in the Making

The BRICS alliance, undeniably, is not just riding a wave of economic prosperity; it is actively creating a tide that could reshape global economic landscapes.

The combined might of these nations is gradually closing the GDP gap with the G7, manifesting a future where BRICS could indeed become the dominant economic bloc.

This economic renaissance within BRICS is accompanied by a strategic realignment, as the bloc seeks innovative ways to wean itself off the US dollar, striving for financial independence.

Putin’s rhetoric echoes a sentiment of defiance and a yearning for a more balanced global order, painting BRICS as a vanguard in the crusade against longstanding economic disparities.

Putin’s belief in BRICS’ potential to outshine the G7 is rooted in tangible economic shifts and a shared vision among developing nations.

BRICS is not just growing; it is asserting itself, challenging the status quo, and paving the way for a more balanced and equitable global economy.

The days of G7’s unchallenged dominance may be numbered, as BRICS steadily marches toward becoming a global economic powerhouse.

Putin, with his outspoken and critical demeanor, has made it clear: the BRICS era is on the horizon, and it promises a radical transformation of the world’s financial landscape.

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