Putin faces AI’s tough questions on doubles and AI dangers

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  • Putin encounters AI ‘double,’ sparking AI’s public role debate.
  • Speculation about Putin’s body doubles addressed; Kremlin denies.
  • AI’s dangers and ethics are in focus amid global AI progress.

Russian President Vladimir Putin faced an unexpected question during his annual news conference as an AI-generated version of himself posed a query about artificial intelligence and the existence of body doubles.

AI ‘double’ questions Putin

During his annual news conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin encountered an unexpected and intriguing moment when an AI-generated version of himself posed a question. 

The AI ‘double’ asked Putin about the existence of body doubles and inquired about his views on the potential dangers posed by artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Putin’s Reaction

The AI’s double question momentarily stumped Putin, who was already in the midst of a lengthy session, having taken questions for four hours. 

He responded by acknowledging the resemblance between himself and the AI version but firmly asserted,

“I have thought about it and decided that only one person must be like me and speak with my voice, and that will be me. That is my first double, by the way.”

Speculations regarding Putin’s doubles

Speculation about the existence of body doubles for Vladimir Putin, particularly in Western media, has been a recurring topic. These speculations have emerged amid alleged health concerns, suggesting that body doubles are used in public appearances. 

However, the Kremlin has consistently denied these claims, asserting that President Putin is in excellent health.

The AI-generated ‘double’ that questioned Putin serves as a compelling example of the advancements in artificial intelligence technology. It raises questions about the potential use of AI-generated replicas of public figures for various purposes, including interviews and public engagement.

Vladimir Putin’s annual news conference is a significant event in Russia, where he addresses a wide range of topics, from domestic policies to international affairs. This year’s session marked his fourth consecutive hour of taking questions from callers nationwide via video link.

The dangers of artificial intelligence

The second part of the AI-generated ‘double’s question addressed the potential dangers associated with artificial intelligence and neural networks. While President Putin did not provide an elaborate response, this topic has garnered considerable attention globally.

Artificial intelligence and neural networks have seen remarkable progress in recent years, with applications ranging from self-driving cars to healthcare diagnostics. However, concerns about AI technology’s ethical, social, and security implications have also grown. Issues such as data privacy, bias in algorithms, and the potential misuse of AI have become subjects of intense debate.

AI and national security

Governments worldwide are increasingly recognizing the significance of AI in national security. The potential use of AI in cyberattacks, surveillance, and misinformation campaigns raises concerns about the need for robust regulations and international cooperation to address these threats effectively.

Artificial intelligence is pivotal in modern society, affecting various aspects of daily life. From virtual assistants in smartphones to advanced manufacturing processes, AI technology is deeply integrated into various industries. As AI continues to advance, it is crucial to strike a balance between innovation and ethical considerations.

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