PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Announces 2024 Partnership Teams


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  • PMSL SEA reveals its 2024 partnered teams, expanding to 20 teams for the upcoming season.
  • The selection process is performance-based, with teams chosen for their past excellence in PUBG Mobile esports.
  • The league serves as a pathway to international tournaments, increasing its prestige.

The PMSL SEA has officially unveiled its lineup of partnered teams for the upcoming 2024 season. With an expanded roster of 20 partnered teams, this semi-franchised esports league promises an action-packed year of competitive gaming in Southeast Asia.

20 partnered teams revealed

In a move that underscores the growing influence of esports in the region, the PMSL SEA has expanded its roster of partnered teams from 15 in 2023 to an impressive 20 for the 2024 season. These partnered teams will compete in three seasons throughout the year, making it the most packed calendar among PMSL regions.

The partnered teams represent a diverse range of countries within Southeast Asia, showcasing the region’s rich talent pool and passion for PUBG Mobile esports. Four additional slots for teams will be determined through the PUBG Mobile National Championships (PMNC), further emphasizing the league’s commitment to fostering regional talent.

Performance-based selection process

Unlike traditional franchise models where teams buy their way into a league, the PMSL SEA follows a unique selection process. Tencent, the organization behind PUBG Mobile Esports, has chosen these teams based on their past performance and contributions to the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem.

This performance-based approach ensures that only the most deserving teams, with a proven track record of excellence, make it to the PMSL SEA. It highlights the league’s dedication to nurturing and recognizing talent organically, without financial barriers.

The global stage

Participation in the PMSL SEA extends beyond regional recognition. The league serves as a pathway to the Global Open (PMGO) and the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC). This means that the partnered teams have a chance to showcase their skills on the international stage, elevating the stakes and prestige of the league.

2024 PMSL SEA partnership teams

Here is the list of the 20 partnered teams from the PMSL SEA for 2024, categorized by their respective countries:


1. Alter Ego Ares

2. Bigetron Red Aliens

3. BOOM Esports

4. RRQ

5. Voin Esports

6. Morph GPX

7. Talon Esports

8. Pigmy Team


1. Geek Fam

2. SEM9

3. Yoodo Alliance

4. O-Two Esports

5. Todak


7. PEA Baruz


1. Faze Clan

2. The Infinity

3. Vampire Esports

4. Xerxia Esports

5. 52UP Esports


1. D’Xavier

2. Team Flash

3. ROY Esports

4. Stalwart X

2024 season kick-off

While the official schedule for the PMSL SEA Spring 2024 season is yet to be announced, the excitement is building as fans anticipate the action-packed gameplay that awaits. Tencent has confirmed that the tournament will be held as an on-ground event, promising a unique esports experience for both players and spectators.

A stable future for Esports organizations

The PMSL SEA’s partnership model, which combines elements of franchising and performance-based selection, offers stability to esports organizations. While it may limit the opportunities for new players to break into the scene, it encourages established organizations to invest more in the region’s esports ecosystem.

Esports franchising models have had varying degrees of success in different games, but Tencent’s approach in the PMSL SEA appears to prioritize regional growth and recognition. With the 2024 season about to kick off, it remains to be seen how this unique partnership program will shape the future of PUBG Mobile esports in Southeast Asia.

The PMSL SEA’s announcement of 20 partnered teams for the 2024 season marks a significant step forward for esports in Southeast Asia. Through a performance-based selection process and a commitment to regional talent, the league is set to provide fans with thrilling competition while offering stability to esports organizations. As the new season approaches, the esports communi

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