Proton 9.0 Update by Valve Unlocks More Windows Games on Linux

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  • Protons 9.0 reveals around 20 new Linux games for Windows with popular ones like The Finals and RTS franchises added in the games directory.
  • Performance optimization due to fixing bugs and code optimization can be observed often in the field of games for Linux which are sometimes affected by the CPU core count limitations. 
  • By keeping Proton and Wine in check, Valve guarantees that in-house graphics and output improvements are made available to Linux-based gamers soon.

For Linux users who are game lovers, Proton compatibility layer that Valve provides is something beneficial for them as they can enjoy thousands of games from Windows by using their open-source operating systems. On top of Proton 9.0, which has improved the features for Linux gamers and made more titles playable, Linux is even closer to the Windows platform.

Linux gaming library expanded

Provision of Proton 9.0 enables about 20 previously incompatible Windows games, including several of the most anticipated and hottest ones. Among the games are:

The Finals: The free-to-play competitive shooter of Embark Studios, one of the Steam 100 best-sellers, is now Linux-compatible thanks to Proton 9.0.

Classic RTS Games: Fans of the RTS genre will be thrilled to play these games, such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, Tiberian Sun and their expansion packages that once were impossible to run on Linux.

New Releases: Proton 9.0 expands the list of games playable by including titles like The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Witch on the Holy Night, Sonic Colors: Ultimate, and Dinogen Online.

Proton 9.0 also enables the creation of new games, fixing numerous bugs and making gameplay smoother for Linux gamers.


The improvements in Proton 9.0 are mainly based on the new version of Wine, the Windows compatibility tool that Proton relies on. Wine 9.0 which came in January included some major updates such as improved handling of 32-bit Windows applications on 64-bit Unix-like systems, enhanced graphics rendering of Direct3D and Vulkan, and many other bug fixes and features enhancements.

By making Proton compatible with the newer versions of Wine, Valve will guarantee Linux gamers the latest updates on performance optimization and compatibility improvements.

Overcoming CPU limitations

One of the major improvements on Proton 9.0 is its ability to run old games that seemed to be struggling on CPUs with high core counts. The game titles such as Far Cry 2, Far Cry 4, The Witcher 2, Outcast – Second Contact, Prototype, and some Warhammer 40K games can now restrict the number of cores they see, thus improving performance and stability.

This improvement is particularly crucial to Linux users who have powerful multi-core CPUs because this enables them to play more games without compromising the performance and stability of their systems.

Linux gaming future

Through every creation of Proton, Valve is sweeping aside brick by brick the obsolete standards that have impeded Linux’s way to becoming popular among gamers. With the addition of time, the compatibility level will succeed and the number of games playable on Linux will grow; thus, the open-source community will be determined as an increasingly appealing solution for players wanting to shift from the Windows dominance.

Valve’s support for Proton demonstrates the belief that the Linux platform can be a viable gaming choice. Although they remain the undisputed leaders in the PC game market, efforts such as Proton can be justifiably called startling, as they represent an alternative that is based on principles of open standards, user freedom, and constant innovation.

With the gradual development of the gaming industry, it’s clear that the ability to run tens of different games on secure, customizable and open-source platforms like Linux may be a very compelling option for gamers.

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