AI Supercomputing Center to Propel Technological Advancements in Armenia


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  • Armenia is launching an AI Supercomputing Center with an $8.5 million budget, aiming to lead the region in artificial intelligence.
  • Deputy Speaker Hakob Arshakyan confirmed the government’s approval, and the program will be included in the 2024 budget discussions.
  • The center is expected to accelerate research, development, and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies, positioning Armenia as a hub for innovation.

In a significant leap towards technological innovation, Armenia is set to establish an AI Supercomputing Center, as announced by Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hakob Arshakyan. The groundbreaking initiative, with a total budget of $8.5 million, aims to harness the latest technologies and position Armenia as a regional leader in the field of artificial intelligence.

Pioneering the region with cutting-edge technology

Arshakyan highlighted that the AI Supercomputing Center, envisioned to be the first of its kind in the region, is the result of a strategic collaboration between Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Jensen Huang, the Founder and CEO of NVIDIA. The duo set the groundwork for this transformative project during a meeting in Yerevan several months ago, emphasizing the strategic importance of embracing artificial intelligence in national development.

The center is poised to become a hub for advanced research, development, and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. By allocating substantial resources to this initiative, Armenia aims to foster a conducive environment for innovation and propel the nation into the forefront of AI-driven advancements.

Government approval and legislative action

Deputy Speaker Arshakyan, in his official capacity, has taken concrete steps to ensure the realization of this ambitious project. In a recent Facebook post, he announced that the proposed program for the Artificial Intelligence Supercomputing Center has received government approval. The next crucial step involves its inclusion in the 2024 budget, a proposal that will soon undergo deliberation in the National Assembly.

This legislative backing underscores the government’s commitment to advancing the technological landscape of Armenia. The integration of artificial intelligence into the national agenda aligns with global trends, where nations are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role of AI in driving economic growth, innovation, and competitiveness.

Strategic vision for national development

Armenia’s move to establish an AI Supercomputing Center reflects a strategic vision for national development. The incorporation of cutting-edge technologies not only positions the country as a regional frontrunner but also signals a commitment to harnessing the transformative power of AI across various sectors.

The center is expected to serve as a catalyst for research collaborations, attracting both domestic and international experts to contribute to the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence. This collaborative approach is essential for staying at the forefront of rapidly evolving AI technologies and fostering a dynamic ecosystem for innovation.

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In conclusion, Armenia’s endeavor to establish an AI Supercomputing Center marks a decisive step towards embracing the future of technology. The strategic vision, coupled with legislative support, positions the nation to become a regional powerhouse in the field of artificial intelligence. As the project progresses through budgetary discussions, the global tech community eagerly awaits the impact of this initiative on Armenia’s technological landscape and its contribution to the broader advancement of artificial intelligence.

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