Presidio Property Trust to accept crypto payments

crypto payments

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• The real estate company will accept payments of four cryptocurrencies.
• Crypto payments have gained priority in real estate.

Recently the real estate agency Presidio Property joined the group of companies in the virtual market by accepting crypto payments. The American trust seeks to advance in virtual payments, and it will accept that its tenants pay the rents with cryptos. This is not the first time a real estate agent has allowed cryptocurrency payments within the United States.

According to the head and CEO of Presidio Property, Jack Heilbron, the agency accepts four types of cryptocurrencies: BTC, DOGE, LTC, and ETH. However, all this will be applied under strict rules.

Presidio Property Trust takes advantage of the cryptocurrency boom

crypto payments

Since Bitcoin hit its all-time high in May and later in October, crypto payments have risen in different areas including real estate. According to studies by cryptocurrency experts, the United States became the number one country for payments with cryptocurrencies after China blockades this decentralized market.

Among the new companies accepting crypto payments is the Presidio Property Trust, which is taking advantage of the cryptocurrency boom for many people. Presidio Property, a real estate agency, offers its services in Florida and texas and allows crypto-payments to renovate new technologies. US real estate agencies accepting these payments for months are also motivated by these actions.

Real estate agencies within the US agree to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as their main payment methods, considering that they are the oldest and highest value cryptocurrencies on the market. However, they have also boosted payment in Dogecoin, being the most popular cryptocurrency due to speculations by billionaire Elon Musk.

Real estate agencies profits obtained with crypto payments

Although when a real estate agent agrees with its tenants the crypto payments, in reality, they do it for fame and not for real monetary gain. Most of these real estate agencies are associated with an encryption platform that receives virtual money to exchange it for fiat later.

Crypto payments take a short time to be processed, which benefits real estate agencies. But the tenant will not have to pay taxes after making the payment.

Among other real estate agencies joining the crypto, fever is La Haus, which almost a month ago announced its partnership with OpenNode. These cryptocurrency payments positively affect tokens like Bitcoin trading at $51,171. Alternate tokens like Ethereum and Litecoin that flow into these payment systems are trading at $4,453 and $163, respectively.

Presidio Property could announce which exchange will cover payments in cryptocurrency in the next few hours. The payment is likely to come to platforms like Coinbase, Robinhood, or even OpenNode involved with these new real estate payments.

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