AI Era: Ensuring a Worker-Friendly Transition


  • AI’s rapid growth necessitates safeguarding workers’ rights and well-being during the transition.
  • The majority of workers support government regulation of AI, highlighting concerns about surveillance technologies.
  • Collaboration between Jack Sargeant and the Wales TUC seeks to ensure an informed and equitable transition into the AI era.

AI’s swift progression is an undeniable reality demanding our attention as we grapple with its profound implications for the workforce. In a collaborative effort with the Wales TUC, Jack Sargeant, MS Alyn, and Deeside are sponsoring an event to launch a TUC report on workers’ understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The objective is clear: to initiate a crucial conversation about Artificial Intelligence and its implications for workers and to ensure a just transition into this era.

The exponential growth of AI technology

AI technology is progressing exponentially, much like the alarming surge in COVID-19 cases in early 2020. Just as swift and timely intervention was essential to curb the pandemic, addressing AI’s impact is equally vital.

Despite the inevitable changes Artificial Intelligence will bring to workplaces in Wales and the UK, meaningful discussions need to be regarding safeguarding working people’s interests. This void in the conversation raises concerns about the potential neglect of workers’ living standards and employment conditions during the transition to an Artificial Intelligence driven era.

Recent polling conducted by the Prospect Union in June 2023 highlights the pressing need for government intervention and regulation in generative Artificial Intelligence. Most workers have voiced their discomfort with the pervasive surveillance technologies that have become commonplace in many workplaces. 

Their concerns underscore the urgency of addressing these issues through appropriate governmental measures.

Assessing the risks of AI

The risks associated with Artificial Intelligence are diverse and warrant careful consideration. From software bias to the adverse impact on mental health, these concerns demand our attention. Instances such as the use of tracking software by Royal Mail to pressure workers are stark reminders of the potential negative consequences of unchecked technology.

The rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence in companies like UBER and Deliveroo has outpaced existing regulations. Gig economy workers find themselves in precarious positions, often struggling to secure their rights and protections. 

The United Kingdom’s labor laws and lingering anti-union legislation from the 1980s continue to hinder the improvement of working conditions in these sectors.

The resounding call for a new deal for working people reflects the urgency of establishing a framework that ensures equitable and just treatment during the transition into the Artificial Intelligence era. This proposed deal aims to create rights and a supportive environment that enables a seamless and fair shift into this new technological landscape.

Collaborative initiatives with Wales TUC

Jack Sargeant’s collaborative efforts with the Wales Trades Union Congress (TUC) exemplify a commitment to comprehending the far-reaching implications of the Artificial Intelligence revolution on the workforce. Together, they delve into AI’s impact on employment, worker rights, and conditions, fostering a proactive approach to addressing these challenges.

As Jack Sargeant collaborates closely with the Wales TUC, significant strides are taken toward ensuring that the transition into the Artificial Intelligence era is informed, equitable, and beneficial for working people. This collaboration is not just a response to the imminent changes but a proactive stance acknowledging the importance of workers’ well-being in advancing technology.

The Artificial Intelligence era is no longer a distant future but a rapidly approaching reality. To navigate this transition successfully, it is imperative that society engages in meaningful discussions, welcomes government regulation, and advocates for a new deal that safeguards workers’ rights and conditions. 

The collaboration between Jack Sargeant and the Wales TUC is a testament to the commitment to ensure that the Artificial Intelligence revolution benefits all, creating a more just and equitable future for working people.

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