Precision Livestock Farming: A Technological Solution or Industry Marketing Ploy?

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  • PLF is the use of digital tools to continuously monitor livestock parameters, offering precise information about farmed animals in real time.
  • Among the advancements is artificial intelligence, which has resulted in many new PLF applications.
  • The PLF debate goes further than its technological potential and includes issues such as its effect on ethics and the environment.

Precision livestock farming as a technology has come to the limelight in the last couple of years, according to a study published by Undark. Through the use of digital tools as well as artificial intelligence, the platform (PLF) pledges to have real-time monitoring and optimization of several areas of husbandry that are important for good farming of livestock for sustainability. 

Although these tools have existed since the beginning of the 2000s, 65% of all literature on the topic has been published within the last five years. This is attributable to better sensor technology and the information processing power to process the sensors’ signals. 

One of the particular advancements is artificial intelligence, which has seen many new PLF applications. Still, the reality of AI on farms, for now at least, is more mundane than what some may imagine: fewer robots, more CCTV cameras, and buzz sensors. Ranging from physiological assessment of animals to enhancing the feeding process, PLF will let us focus on the future of farming.

Potential benefits and concerns

Proponents of PLF point to its immense benefits like bettering the animal welfare, increasing production efficiency and lessening the environmental effects. Advocates suggest that PLF would most likely bring more personalized care for animals, thereby lessening the instances of sickness and distress. In addition, through efficient resource usage, PLF will be able to play a part in more sustainable food production.

However, opponents voice doubts about the real purposes of the sponsorship of the PLF. They doubt whether the industry is interested in geuninely improving animals’ life conditions or just making money. Skeptics state that this initiative could be considered as a marketing plan designed to deflect the spotlight from this industry which is facing increasing criticism for it’s ethical and environmental shortcomings.

The convenience of rearing animals combined with the problem of continued sustainability as well as greater productivity, increased animal welfare state and the government assistance of precision livestock farming projects are probable to be the greatest market driver.

The debate surrounding PLF

The PLF debate goes further than its technological potential and includes issues such as its effect on ethics and the environment. Even though some see PLF as moving in the right direction, others believe it only continues to abuse animals for human consumption. Also, uncertainties about the long-term viability of intensive livestock farming persist, notwithstanding technological advances.

The meat industry is increasingly under pressure to adjust due to the growing demands to reduce or eliminate meat consumption. PLF offers the industry the opportunity to enhance its public image and address the questions of animal welfare and environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, the real influence of PLF on such questions is controversial.

The global market for monitoring and identifying livestock was worth around $2.396.54 million in 2022, and it is expected to grow by more than 11.6 % from 2023 to 2030 with a compound growth rate (CAGR). This market involves the application of technology to track and monitor the welfare and location of animals reared on farms, generating real-time data on their agility and health, as well as their grazing habits.

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