PolySwarm launches a blockchain based malware detection network

PolySwarm has created a malware detection system based on the blockchain network that allows various cybersecurity companies to run malware tests on files simultaneously while rewarding any firms that detect viruses.

Currently the majority of firms and organizations go for VirusTotal for such purposes, however, PolySwarm claims that they are now offering a better system. The firm presents a group solution for malware detection. The project aims to revolutionize the method of modern day virus detection as well as its solutions.

The system developed by PolySwarm is more economical and has better efficiency as multiple security experts can work simultaneously to find a solution. Each Security company is rewarded each time it is successful in the detection of malware.

Moreover, such a system is less time consuming as various analyzing systems can run tests through their respective sectors.

As of now the enterprises, either use some specific anti-virus network or the collective system provided by VirusTotal. However, in that “collective” system, the network lacks the individual technicalities and the knowledge possessed by independent experts.

Currently, the network by PolySwarm supports around 25 different experts and security companies. This also means that due to the presence of various experts a false detection is less likely to occur.

This development came in a much needed time as the situation in the crypto-sphere is not a good one. Recently, various crypto jacking incidents have presented themselves over the past months. As the network is present on the blockchain the network is highly transparent, Furthermore, being open-sourced the marketplace allows any new experts to join in the group.