Polkamon NFT is creating a stir on OpenSea

Polkamon NFT
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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Polkamon now the latest NFT rave.
  • $90,000 bid placed one of the rarest dragon collectible.
  • Winners chosen via Chainlink Oracle on Ploygon Network.

Polkamon NFT launched

Polkastarter is the latest project to join the non-fungible token (NFT) train with its launch of Polkamon NFT. Polkamon are a bunch of Easter-themed virtual collectibles that were launched on Polkastarter using some customized NFTs.

They had announced the launch of their Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for its PMON token on Polkastarer exchange. The IDO is due to launch on the 31st of March. They had issued the Polkamon eggs via the Ethereum blockchain and over 125,000 unique addresses have claimed theirs. Fans of Polkamon have spent over $1 million on gas fees just for claiming their eggs to stand a chance to take part in the Polkastarter’s IDO coming up soon. Sadly, not all the eggs were hatched into the NFT, leaving some fans pissed at having to pay the gas fees.

Opensea to host Polkamon NFT eggs

OpenSea is the NFT marketplace that would be hosting the Polkamon NFT eggs and this is causing a huge stir already. As at when this article was been published, a bid of 16 ETH (about $28,600) had been placed on a very rare piece of collectible known as “Moonrock x Morningstar Babydragon”.
A special bid would be provided for POL holders taking part in the IDO. There are 100 Polkastarter Baby Dragon NFTs has been assigned to POLS pool and 80 Silver Baby Dragon to the Polkastarter community.

Moonrock Capital, one of the earliest investors in Polkadot are the brains behind this Polkamon collection. They are doing this in partnership with Morningstar Ventures. Simon Dedic, one of the Managing Partners at Moonrock Capital took to Twitter on the 30th March to say that the people placing bids on OpenSea already want to be proud owners of some of the rarest Polkamons ever. 380 winning numbers were randomly chosen from Chainlink Oracle via Polygon Network. Minting of the NFTs is currently ongoing and winners would be told via Polkamon blog.

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