Pokémon Unite Japan 2023 Winter Tournaments: Excitement and Triumph 


  • Pokémon Unite Winter Tournaments 2023 in Japan decide who goes to Asia Champions League 2024. Players compete fiercely over three days.
  • Four teams get seeding rights, but two decline. Open Bracket drama unfolds, leading to automatic qualifiers Secret Ship and Mjk.
  • Popular Pokémon picks and bans spice up matches. United Ninjin upsets Kabichans but falls to favorites Mjk in the Grand Finals, making for a thrilling tournament.

In the pursuit of a spot in the Asia Champions League 2024, Pokémon Unite players in the Asia region engaged in a three-day battle. The top three contenders from the WINTER 日本代表決定戦 (Japan representative deciding match) earned their tickets to the Regional Stage, taking one step closer to representing their region at the Pokémon Unite Asia Champions League Finals.

Four teams, seeding Rights, and Open Bracket drama

The tournament marked the culmination of the winter season for many Pokémon Unite teams. Four teams, who had qualified through the World Championship Series 2023 (WCS2023), secured seeding rights for the event. However, two of these teams chose to decline their spots, opting to fight their way through the Open Bracket. This decision paved the way for Secret Ship and Mjk to automatically qualify for the tournament’s third and final day.

Pokémon Unite Winter tournaments format

The tournament format consisted of two days of Open Qualifiers. Any eligible team had the opportunity to enter, and the competition was fierce with a single-elimination, best-of-three format. Teams that didn’t make the cut on Day 1 could try again on Day 2. The top three teams from each day would advance to Sunday’s Playoffs. Mjk and Secret Ship enjoyed the privilege of being the 1st and 2nd Seeds going into Day 3, while the winners from Day 1’s events had higher seeding than Day 2’s qualifiers. Day 3 introduced a double-elimination format to determine the final three contenders.

Pokémon Unite tournament stats

Throughout the three days of on-stream play, certain Pokémon stood out in terms of pick and ban rates. Notably, Mewtwo remained banned for the entire tournament. Zacian was banned 100% of the time on Day 1 but made appearances on Day 2 and 3, usually winning when not banned. 

Hoopa had a 100% pick/ban rate on Day 1, but its popularity waned in later stages. Urshifu was a consistent pick or ban on Days 1 and 2. Trevenant saw significant play when Blastoise wasn’t selected against it.

Double elimination bracket and finalists

Day 1’s qualifiers witnessed Kabichans securing victory without dropping a single game. The Day 1 MVP, Trevenant main iamTomato, demonstrated exceptional space control. Jet Black Group and Black Goblin also performed well.

Day 2 saw Unite Holic emerge victorious, while AFK for 10 Minutes and Day 1’s 4th place team, United Ninjin, secured playoff spots.

In a stunning upset, United Ninjin defeated Kabichans, sending them to LR1 (Losers Round 1). Kabichans fought their way through the losers’ bracket to earn a Grand Finals reset. However, they ultimately fell to the favorites, Mjk, who clinched victory with repeated Game 3 triumphs.

The Pokémon Unite Winter Tournaments 2023 in Japan showcased intense competition, with players vying for the chance to represent their region at the Asia Champions League 2024. The format allowed for both established teams and newcomers to test their skills in a highly competitive environment. Notable Pokémon picks and bans added strategic depth to the matches, while the final showdown between United Ninjin and Mjk provided thrilling moments for fans. As Pokémon Unite continues to evolve as an esports title, these tournaments serve as a testament to the dedication and skill of its player base.

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