PlayStation Plus Subscribers Have One Last Chance to Play Fan-Favorite Action Game


  • Last chance for PlayStation Plus subscribers to experience Tacoma’s gripping narrative before it departs in February!
  • Tacoma offers a short yet captivating gaming experience, perfect for busy gamers.
  • Explore Tacoma’s engrossing storyline and tense buildup before it’s replaced in the free games lineup.

PlayStation Plus subscribers have one last opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Tacoma, a popular sci-fi action RPG that has garnered “very positive” reviews since its release in 2017. As the PlayStation Plus lineup evolves to introduce new free titles, fan-favorite games like Tacoma often bid farewell to make room for fresh additions. This departure is met with mixed feelings from the gaming community, with enthusiasts urging fellow PS Plus users to experience the game’s engrossing narrative before it’s too late.

Tacoma: A Sci-Fi action RPG worth exploring

Tacoma, an acclaimed sci-fi action RPG, has captured the hearts of gamers with its compelling storyline and unique gameplay experience. Released in 2017, it continues to draw in a dedicated following and serves as a comforting playthrough for long-time fans. With “very positive” reviews across the board, Tacoma has solidified its status as a must-play title for those who appreciate walking sims, story-driven games, and light puzzle-solving elements.

The pleasure of a quick gaming session

Enthusiastic players of Tacoma emphasize its accessibility, making it an ideal choice for gamers with limited time on their hands. The game offers a concise yet fulfilling experience, with an estimated playtime ranging from four to six hours for thorough exploration. However, some players have managed to complete it in even less time, underscoring its brevity as a feature rather than a drawback.

One Reddit user, sharing their experience, commented, “If you enjoy games of this type (kind of a walking sim, story-based, with light puzzle solving), I found it super enjoyable. It is also roughly four to six hours in total, being thorough, so you can knock it out in a few sessions, giving you plenty of time before it leaves.” Another player, karl_hungas, added, “I really enjoyed the game and actually enjoyed that it was so short. Finished it in two sessions, but enjoyed the story and game in general.”

Tacoma’s succinct gameplay not only makes it a great option for those with busy schedules but also ensures that players can swiftly move on to other gaming experiences without feeling overwhelmed. As the free games lineup for March remains uncertain, Tacoma’s availability on PlayStation Plus until February offers a refreshing and manageable gaming experience for subscribers.

A narrative journey with a tense buildup

Tacoma excels in delivering a narrative experience that gradually builds tension, leading to a truly awe-inspiring conclusion. Players who relish slow starts that immerse them in the storyline will find Tacoma right up their alley. The game’s ability to maintain a captivating pace throughout its relatively short duration has earned it accolades from players who appreciate well-crafted storytelling.

With Tacoma set to depart from PlayStation Plus in February, the clock is ticking for those who wish to embark on this memorable gaming journey. As subscribers anticipate the announcement of the free games lineup for March, Tacoma offers a perfect opportunity to dive into a well-crafted narrative and explore its intriguing sci-fi world.

PlayStation Plus subscribers are encouraged to seize the chance to experience Tacoma, a beloved sci-fi action RPG with “very positive” reviews, before it departs from the platform in February. This concise and engaging game provides a manageable gaming experience that can be enjoyed in a few short sessions. With its gripping narrative and tense buildup, Tacoma offers a unique gaming adventure that should not be missed. As the free games lineup for March remains uncertain, Tacoma’s availability on PlayStation Plus is a welcome option for subscribers seeking a captivating and memorable gaming experience.

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