PlayStation 5 Pro: What to Expect from Sony’s Upgraded Console

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  • PS5 Pro rumors suggest major performance upgrades, including 4K gaming and advanced CPU/GPU.
  • Anticipated PS5 Pro release date: late 2024, following the launch of a PS5 Slim.
  • Potential price range for the PS5 Pro: $670-$740 or £550-600.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been a major success in the world of gaming, but enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating an upgraded version of the console. 

PS5 Pro: Awaiting the upgrade

The gaming community is abuzz with anticipation for a PS5 Pro, which would be the enhanced version of Sony’s flagship console. Historically, Sony has introduced upgraded versions of their gaming consoles midway through their life cycles, as seen with the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, the PS5 Pro seems a little tardy in joining the latest console generation, considering it took three years for the PlayStation 4 to get a new version.

PS5 pro expected release date

As of now, it is speculated that the PS5 Pro may not make its debut until late 2024 or even 2025. Sony recently launched the PlayStation Portal, a handheld gaming device dependent on the PS5, and a PS5 Slim with a focus on size reduction rather than performance enhancement. Therefore, it appears that Sony is in no rush to release the PS5 Pro.

Rumored features of the PS5 pro

While PlayStation has yet to officially announce the PS5 Pro, there have been numerous rumors circulating about its potential features. These speculations include:

Enhanced performance: RedGamingTech suggests that the PS5 Pro could feature an eight-core Zen 2 CPU with clock speeds exceeding 4GHz, an RDNA 3 GPU running at up to 2.8GHz, and 16GB of high-speed GDDR6 memory. This configuration could make the Pro twice as powerful as the base PS5.

Improved cooling: A French website, Phonandroid, mentions the possibility of liquid cooling in the PS5 Pro, along with a new AMD APU to boost performance. However, the source’s credibility has been questioned due to inaccuracies in its previous claims.

Chipset shrinking: The transition from 7nm processors to 3nm fabrication technology could allow for a smaller internal chipset in the PS5 Pro, resulting in a more compact console with potential noise reduction benefits.

Cloud gaming integration: It is expected that the PS5 Pro will come equipped with built-in cloud gaming features, aligning with Sony’s recent endeavors in cloud streaming for PS5 games through its PlayStation Plus Premium tier.

Expectations for the PS5 pro

Considering the success of the PlayStation 4 Pro, gamers are anticipating that the PS5 Pro will follow a similar trajectory. Here are some key expectations for the upgraded console:

Focus on 4K gaming: While 8K TVs are available, they remain a niche market. The PS5 Pro is more likely to concentrate on delivering flawless 4K gaming experiences, with stable frame rates and no resolution drops during complex scenes.

Advanced CPU and GPU: A potential upgrade to AMD’s Zen 4 architecture and increased clock speeds for the CPU and GPU could significantly enhance the PS5 Pro’s processing power and graphical capabilities.

Expanded RAM: Increasing the console’s 16GB of shared memory could allow for smoother gaming experiences, reducing the need to access the SSD frequently.

PlayStation link integration: Gamers would like to see Sony’s PlayStation Link technology integrated into the PS5 Pro, eliminating the need for dongles and providing a more streamlined and modern wireless audio experience.

Pricing and release date

Predicting the price of the PS5 Pro is challenging due to recent price fluctuations in the gaming market. However, it is estimated that the PS5 Pro may be priced between $670-$740 or £550-600, making it a significant investment for gamers. As for the release date, reports suggest that late 2024 is the earliest timeframe for the PS5 Pro’s arrival, following the release of a PS5 Slim.

While the PlayStation 5 Pro has not been officially announced by Sony, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement about its potential features and improvements. Gamers can anticipate enhanced performance, improved cooling, and a focus on 4K gaming, among other potential upgrades. However, the release date remains uncertain, with late 2024 being the earliest expected timeframe. As we eagerly await more information from Sony, the gaming world is poised for another leap forward in console gaming technology.

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