Smite Sequel Divides Player Base: The Controversy Surrounding Smite 2

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  • Smite 2 divides players as progress won’t transfer, sparking heated debate in the community.
  • Titan Forge Games faces backlash and support on Reddit for excluding player rankings in Smite 2.
  • Unimpressed by the sequel’s title, fans suggest “SmIIte” as a more creative alternative.

In a surprising turn of events, Titan Forge Games has announced the development of Smite 2, the sequel to the fifth most popular MOBA on Steam. Promising enhanced impact, strategy, and creativity, the game is set to leverage Unreal Engine 5 and feature crossplay from the ground up. However, the revelation that player progression will not carry over from the original Smite has stirred a divisive reaction within the gaming community.

Legacy gems and player progression

Despite the anticipation for improved graphics, a refined user interface, and enhanced audio, the decision to exclude player progression from the original Smite to its sequel has sparked mixed reactions. Titan Forge Games revealed that gems earned or purchased in Smite would be converted into ‘Legacy Gems’ in Smite 2, providing some continuity for players. However, skins, player rankings, and other in-game achievements will remain exclusive to the original Smite.

This choice has led to a schism among the Smite community, with some players expressing understanding and others declaring their departure from the game. The absence of a release date for Smite 2 grants Titan Forge Games an opportunity to address these concerns and potentially refine their approach to the transition between the two games.

Community response: Split opinions on Smite 2

The Smite Reddit community, a vocal platform for players, reflects the dichotomy of opinions surrounding Smite 2. While a segment of players remains relatively relaxed about the situation, acknowledging the potential for positive changes, another faction adamantly declares their departure from the game in light of the progression disparity between the two iterations.

The absence of a concrete release date for Smite 2 adds an element of uncertainty, with players speculating on the potential adjustments Titan Forge Games may implement to assuage concerns and retain their player base. The community’s divided sentiment underscores the delicate nature of introducing sequels to established games and the challenges developers face in navigating player expectations.

A quirky concern: Smite 2’s title

Amidst the broader controversies, a peculiar concern has emerged within the gaming community – the title of the sequel. Rather than adopting a more imaginative or distinctive name, Smite 2 has left some fans underwhelmed. Suggestions such as “SmIIte” have been offered by enthusiasts, prompting discussions on social media about the potential impact of a more creative title. While this concern may seem trivial compared to the broader issues at hand, it highlights the passionate and invested nature of the gaming community, where even small details can provoke spirited discussions.

As Titan Forge Games ventures into the development of Smite 2, the reaction from the gaming community is a testament to the challenges of evolving established titles. The decision to exclude player progression from the original Smite has ignited a divisive response, with players expressing a spectrum of opinions on the matter. The absence of a release date for Smite 2 allows for potential adjustments, and Titan Forge Games faces the delicate task of balancing innovation with player expectations to ensure the success of their sequel. Meanwhile, the quirky concern regarding the game’s title serves as a reminder of the passionate and engaged nature of the gaming community, which eagerly awaits the next chapter in the Smite saga.

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