Playboy launches new NFT collection – The Rabbitars


TL/DR Breakdown

  • Playboy is launching its new NFT collection called ‘Rabbitars’.
  • The new collection will include 11,953 NFTs. 
  • Each NFT will be sold for 0.1953 ETH and can be purchased through both ETH or the U.S Dollar.

Playboy, the exotic lifestyle brand is releasing its second NFT collection called “Rabbitars” on Wednesday the 26th of October. To pay a tribute to Playboy’s founding year 1953, the new collection will include 11,953 NFTs. It’ll be available on the Playboy Rabbitars Website for 0.1953 ETH. 

Rabbitars is a unique collection of non-fungible rabbits. The characters were inspired by the brand’s iconic bunny logo. Each of these 3D cartoon rabbits is given a unique personality to relate to the diverse Playboy community. 

Since earlier in the year, the NFT craze has taken over the crypto industry. Popular brands and celebrities are coming up with their own unique digital collectibles to enter the industry and create their own footprint in this emerging world of NFTs, blockchain, and crypto. 

Playboy released their first NFT collection “Liquid Summer” last spring in collaboration with the popular artist Mike Parisella (Slimesunday). Their debut collection was sold out in less than 3 minutes, so there’s a lot of hype going into the launching of their second NFT collection this Sunday. 

What’s unique about Playboy’s new NFT collection? 

The “Rabbitars” NFT collection will serve as a new modern key to the exclusive Playboy Club. Collectors who can get their hands on these NFTs will have access to exclusive member events, artwork, merchandise, pre-sale access to future collections, and much more. 

Growing up, every kid on the block that ever saw Playboy magazine wanted to be a part of this elusive lifestyle club. With its expansion in the world of digital assets and blockchain, Playboy aims to expand its community and make it accessible to a wider audience. 

Playboy also launched ‘The Rabbit Hole,’ a dedicated Discord server to create more engagement and interaction with the NFT community. The leading lifestyle brand is also hosting a series of weekly podcasts with popular figures in the NFT community. 

It is therefore clear that Playboy sees this new NFT launch as a big step towards its expansion in the blockchain industry, and more precisely towards the blockchain metaverse

Playboy new NFT announcement

How to buy the new Rabbitar NFTs?

If past events were any indication, major NFT launches like this don’t stay in the market for too long. Earlier this month, we’ve seen the Shiba Inu debut NFT collection sell out in less than 30 minutes. So, you’ll need to be prepared if you want to get your hands on this new Playboy NFT collection. 

Each NFT in this collection will be available for 0.1953 ETH. You can purchase it via both crypto or USD. The launch will include four different sales events. A pre-sale will go live on Sunday and Tuesday (October 24th and 26th) for whitelisted ETH-paying collectors. However, the whitelisted collectors can only purchase up to 2 NFTs during the pre-sale period. 

The first public sale will go live on Tuesday, October 26th for fiat paying collectors. The second public sale will take place on Wednesday, October 27th for ETH-paying collectors. You’ll need an Ethereum wallet, regardless of which currency you’re using to purchase the NFT. You can purchase up to 10 Rabbitars per wallet. 

If you don’t manage to purchase a Rabbitar NFT on launch day, you can always go back to OpenSea, and purchase from collectors. With rare collections such as these, it’s sure to be selling on OpenSea as soon as the sale closes on the Rabbitar platform.

You can get more detailed info on how to purchase a Rabbitar NFT from the official website. 

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