Plair partners with JustBet to launch new decentralized betting platform

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Gaming platform Plair has announced that it has entered into a partnership with JustBet to launch a new decentralized betting platform.

According to Plair, the new decentralized betting platform will benefit the clients of both firms as they hope to combine the advantage of the Veechain Thor network. 

Recall that Plair is based initially on the same network and hopes to provide it’s betting services to a wide range of clients around the world. Previous clients on Plair’s platform has enjoyed a lot of benefits, including rewards and streaming services enabled by the platform. Tron based gaming platform, JustBet prides itself as the first-ever gaming outfit to provide betting services on a decentralized platform.

New decentralized betting platform would use Plair and JustBet native tokens

According to the statement, the new decentralized betting platform would allow users to bet money on different games which include lotteries and other games.

Presently, JustBet operates without the need of a financial operator as it operates on the WINR TRC20 token. With both platforms on different blockchains, the announcement stated that the partnership would further the advancement of the Veechain blockchain

If the development happens, JustBet will be drawn into the VeeChainThor blockchain because of the proof of authority protocol which it uses to facilitate diverse payments.

Plair plans to make wallet feature available for clients on the new platform

Furthermore, the announcement has stated that the users that sign up on the new decentralized betting platform will be able to use both native tokens provided by the respective gaming outfits. 

Coming alongside that, Plair has promised to make smart contracts available to its users as well as a wallet feature. If this is done successfully, users will be able to use both of the firms tokens to bet while playing against each other

If this partnership records massive success, then it would open the global population to the world of blockchain betting platforms. According to both platforms, their mission is to ensure that all their clients go home as winners.

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