PIVX Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is PIVX a Good Investment?

PIVX price

PIVX (Protected Instant Verified Transaction) is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies. Also, it is one of the most influential privacy-focused digital assets in the cryptocurrency market today. $PIVX v5.3.3 was made available for download. It’s a highly recommended Core wallet upgrade that solves the remaining issues over the tier two network synchronization process. Users are invited to upgrade their PIVX wallets as soon as possible.

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Furthermore, due to its innovation and robust technology, the PIVX coin has widely been deemed an alternative to other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies such as Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), and DASH coins. Here’s what’s unique about it.

Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies are recorded in a public ledger open for scrutiny. However, Bitcoin ATMs allow anonymous purchases with cash. Other platforms like ShapeShift, BitQuick, LocalBitcoins.com, Paxful, and DameCoins let you trade Bitcoin anonymously with PayPal, credit cards, Western Union, and bank transfers.

Nonetheless, regulators, governments, or cryptographers can track and use metadata to track down the transaction details of Bitcoin users or other crypto users — imagine having your trading details revealed online (but not your identity). Many anonymous cryptocurrencies are coming up today, but only a few of them looks good.

One major digital asset trying to solve this problem is PIVX.

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to make your money and not lose value. Banks charge money for having money; investments need significant capital. Pivx is a way to make your money, not lose value, and at the same time, you contribute to the community.

With the PIVX Masternodes, you help to make the network more secure. PIVX is very easy to install with the excellent tools created by the PIVX developers and offers approximately 8% return.

Before we look at PIVX price predictions, let’s know what PIVX is, its goals, founders, and features.

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What is PIVX?

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Source: Pivx.org

PIVX stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction. It is different from other privacy coins because it is open-source, decentralized, and has a better technology that gives its users the utmost anonymity, security, and instant transactions. The platform has an ambitious goal to become the most advanced digital asset ever.

Furthermore, PIVX was forked initially from DASH in February 2016, and it was called Darknet (DNET). PIVX was different from the DASH protocol because it is a Proof-of-Stake (POS) network. In 2017, PIVX was reformed after the fork to undertake its vision and plans fully. Today, PIVX is considered the most robust and innovative privacy-focused cryptocurrency. This platform uses cutting-edge ZK-powered SHIELD technology to give users the liberty to choose if they want to receive or send digital assets anonymously.

When PIVX was fully rebranded with enough marketing schemes, PIVX surged by +54,118.75%, which is astonishing. So reflect on this, if you had invested, let’s say, USD 200, you would have over USD 108,000 from that single investment. Before we move on to PIVX price prediction, let’s take a look at the goals of this platform and other of its components to give you an idea of this platform in detail.

PIVX Overview

PIVX Overview
CoinSymbolPriceMarketcapChangeLast 24hSupplyVolume (24h)
PIVX$ 0.116361$ 8.05 M5.32%69.10 M$ 194.70 K

PIVX goals  

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Source: Pivx.org

The main goals of PIVX are to offer freedom, privacy, governance, and robust technology. With these goals, the platform ensures that it is decentralized as much as possible, with near-instant transactions and a decentralized community that is much better than DASH and other privacy-focused digital assets.

About the PIVX Founder  

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James Burden|| Source: Veil

PIVX has a diverse team and community. This team only manages the various aspects of the digital platform. Among them is James Burden (AKA s3v3nh4cks).

Rumor has it that James Burden was one of the DASH developers who was disappointed with the direction of the cryptocurrency, and they decided to create their digital asset, PIVX.

During that time, Burden became the founder and one of the project’s developers. He is an experienced developer with more than 20 years of experience in tech. In April 2019, he resigned from his post as PIVX founder after requesting the development team a year prior.

The burden was not satisfied with the lack of privacy in PIVX at that time. So, he created his cryptocurrency known as Veil, which seeks to become an upgrade to PIVX. So far, PIVX has dramatically slowed down in public activities ever since Burden left in 2019.

The only known developer and active member of PIVX have been Bryan Doreian, its community manager and marketing lead.

Why is PIVX a distinct platform?

PIVX is a different platform, and it has unique features that make it promising in the crypto space. Some of its features are:

A leader in user privacy

PIVX is considered the leader in user privacy. It is currently the most innovative of all the privacy-preserving digital assets today. The fact that PIVX allows private transactions in its protocol makes it the most secure privacy token.

The picture below is the first SHIELD (zk-SNARK Sapling + Proof of Stake) 100% untraceable transaction on PIVX’s website from one shield address to another. It is essential to know that no amounts were revealed in this transaction, and there is no info about the sender or receiver.

Source: Pivx.org
Source: Pivx.org

The first POS digital asset with a Zerocoin protocol level anonymity

PIVX is regarded as the first POS digital asset with a Zerocoin protocol anonymity, making it highly fungible.

Better than DASH’s protocol

PIVX has all the DASH protocol features, including the master nodes and instant and privacy transactions, but it is much better than DASH. However, this is due to the improved POS 3.0 protocol mechanism. 

PIVX’s SwiftTX technology

PIVX makes use of SwiftTX technology for users to experience near-instant transactions. SwiftTX technology is not used in most cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized to the core

PIVX allows its users to stake their PIVX cryptocurrency while these tokens are in their tricky wallets. Additionally, PIVX is self-governed and open-source. Currently, no other digital asset offers users incentives for staking and running a masternode. The controller node rewards are around 9% annually.

Seesaw algorithm

PIVX has a distinct seesaw algorithm that helps to balance its reward distribution between masternodes and staking nodes. 

How does PIVX work?

PIVX is a “third-generation” privacy coin and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), meaning that it is self-funded and self-governed. This platform uses a better and amplified version of DASH’s masternode architecture and Zcoin’s Zerocoin privacy protocol.

According to PIVX’s website, PIVX network fees are 40x lower than Bitcoin. Also, the website notes that the  PIVX platform experiences a transaction speed of 70 transactions per second (TPS). However, Bryan Doreian has stated that TPS can go as high as 1000 using the SwiftxX payment protocol.

PIVX coin supply

PIVX network only allows 67,776,620 million PIVX tokens to be minted annually. Furthermore, 90% of the minted tokens go to staking wallets and Masternodes; the other 10% go to finance budget plans voted on by stakers.

PIVX does not have a finite coin supply cap like BTC or DASH. At the time of writing, the total circulating supply of PIVX is 67,776,620 units, and it will reach 312 million after 100 years from now. Furthermore, the average block mining time of PIVX tokens is 1 minute, making it faster and better than BTC and DASH.

PIVX Price History

Source: Coinmarketcap
Source: Coinmarketcap

PIVX token first entered the market in February 2016. It was worth a fraction of a cent and began to rally in 2017. Subsequently, it reached an all-time high of almost 9.20 USD in January 2018. The price then declined in the following months.

Despite the drastic price drop in PIVX, its ROI remained high. A closer look at 2020 of its historical data will show that PIVX is slowly but surely on the rise.

PIVX Technical Analysis 

Pivx trading volume is up by 413% to $1,268,617. The sharp rise in prices is in line with a recovery in the cryptocurrency market after a few days of bloodshed. The MACD indicator shows a sharp rise in Pivx price with increasing momentum on the upside, which high trading volumes have marked.

PIVX Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is PIVX a Good Investment? 1

William alligator trend shows an upward trend that began earlier today, with the green trend line breaking above the other trend lines. The 14-day RSI is just below overbought territory. Further price increases will bring a price reversal.

PIVX Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is PIVX a Good Investment? 1

PIVX Price Predictions 2022 – 2030


Walletinvestor’s price forecast for the coming two weeks is continuously bullish, with the last day recording the highest price at $0.317. PIVX is a good investment that should give a good return of 25.8%. In 2024 PIVX will outperform many digital coins with an 84.6% growth. In 2025 PIVX market cap will drop but will still manage a 25% return, after which the Pivx price will go through a bullish trend in 2026 to give 150% in return. 2027 will perform just as well at 145% earnings growth.


Pivx price is set to sell between a minimum price of $0.29 and a maximum of $0.429 in May 2022. The price of Pivx will continue to drop for the rest of the year reaching the lowest average trading price in December at $0.287. Market sentiment will improve in 2023, with each month trading higher than the last; the price of Pivx will open in January at $0.270 and close in December at $0.402. 2024 will perform better with a 60% expected earnings growth. In 2025 price of Pivx will trade above $0.44and will reach a maximum price level of $0.645. Pivx value will reach $0.516 by the end of the year.


Like Tradingbeasts, Swapspace is bearish on the value of Pivx this year. Short-term Pivx price will also drop. Their price forecast maintains that Pivx price will drop and register a -22% return on investment in 2022 despite the current price of Pivx gains. In 2023 it will register a small gain of 3% below inflation rates. However, the tides are set to rise in 2024, overshadowing previous losses with an ROI of 83%.  Eight years from today, in 2030, Pivx will have an ROI of 650%, making it a profitable investment option to make long term.


PIVX Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is PIVX a Good Investment? 3
PIVX Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is PIVX a Good Investment? 1

Note: All values are in USD.

PIVX Price Prediction 2022

Pivx is expected to trade at an average price of $0.28. Being a low market cap coin, Pivx’s value will be affected by the overall climate of the crypto market and may trade lower. Pivx implemented Groth16 zk-SNARKs zero-knowledge proofs – a new Shield protocol to improve its privacy and performance.

PIVX Price Prediction 2023

While it has been implemented, the Shield protocol’s subsequent support on light wallets is still underway. Its application in 2023 will prove value for its privacy-centric users. At the time 

Pivx’s price will shoot 100%, and you should sell Pivx at an average price of $0.41. It will reach a maximum value of $0.48.

Pivx Price Prediction 2024

Pivx has a lot of legroom to grow its value; decisions made by its decentralized community will determine if Pivx makes it, noting its many competitors in the space, such as Dash and Monero. In the right direction, the Pivx price forecast will reach a maximum price of $0.70 with a future price of $0.58.

PIVX Price Prediction 2025

Pivx historical data research shows Pivx USD will continue at the same momentum. Pivx ambassadors will play a vital role during this moment in the push to promote the adoption of the Pivx coin. Growing demand will facilitate the move of Pivx price to a maximum value of $0.98 in 2025 and a minimum price value of 0.80 on the lower side.

PIVX Price Prediction 2026

Pivx projections show future Pivx prices will pass $1 in 2026. New alliances such as the one with ZENZO and SENT will help grow Pivx’s use case. In the period, Pivix will sell at a minimum price of $1.17, a maximum price of $1.39 while averaging at $1.21.

PIVX Price Prediction 2027

In 2027 Pivx price is expected to reach an average value of $1.77. A growing community will bring more attention and awareness to the privacy coin making Pivx a good investment.

PIVX Price Prediction 2028

While privacy coins may face more scrutiny by regulators, regulation of the crypto market will improve investor confidence in digital coins. Pivx price forecast in 2028 shows it will trade between $3.00 and $2.60 with an average price of $2.68.

PIVX Price Prediction 2029

Pivx price forecast does not give exact future prices but acts as a guideline of what is expected; in that case, our Pivx predictions suggest it will reach $3.89 if the market does not go into a crash before then.

PIVX Price Prediction 2030

Crypto enthusiasts remain divided about whether Pivx will get to its ATH before 2030. Such a massive gain would require institutional investors or a new invention on the protocol that would rival all its competitors. Otherwise, the price of Pivx is expected to hover at $5.59 in 2030.

Pivx Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

The use cases of dApps are growing by the day, and service on flux can now allow you to efficiently run a master node on the cloud securely and privately.

Pivx’s low market cap makes it a good pick for investors who like to bet on its high potential.


Pivx market domination has dropped over time since it forked from Dash. PIVXlow market cap makes it easy for price manipulation, and this would explain its volatility. Nevertheless, PIVX provides more features than Dash, and its development should see it rise back to its former glory.

Right now, an MN is 2600 dollars, and there may not be another opportunity to buy at a reasonable price. From there, we do not know where. It’s not an easy decision, with many projects only going midway. There is no business without risk, and you can’t gain more if you cannot risk a little.

Pivx might not reach its ATH soon, but its value is forecast to rise over time despite the volatility.

FAQS about Pivx

What does the term View key mean?

A view key is a phrase that can be shared with a third party such that they can view their transaction and address.

What is the transaction fee of Pivx?

Pivx transaction fee is less than $0.01, 0.003 Pivx, and it takes about six minutes to complete a transaction.

How much RAM is needed to run a Pivx master node?

2GB of RAM. A raspberry pi should work.

What is the market cap of Pivx?

Pivx has a market cap of $18,039,402.

When will Pivx’s price reach $10?

Pivx price will not reach $10 shortly.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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