Sektor and Ciphertrace extending crypto intelligence to Asia

Sektor and Ciphertrace extending crypto intelligence to Asia

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  • Crypto intelligence (CI) services expanding to the Asia Pacific.
  • Sektor and CipherTrace partner up to expand services.
  • Sektor is a delivery specialist and Ciphertrace is a CI service.

The financial sector across the Asia Pacific region has been haunted by uncertainty in crypto trading and investment. Money laundering, cyber thefts, social media scams are on the rise and pose a serious threat to this booming but volatile industry.

Crypto management and delivery service, Sektor in collaboration with blockchain and crypto intelligence giant “Cipher Trace,” pioneers of smart crypto solutions, have come up with innovative proposals to hamper the serious effects of these threats.

Sektor’s unique and methodical customized solutions have catered to the needs of various fields like networking, security, retail, healthcare including ergonomics and mobility markets.

Crypto intelligence is moving into Asia Pacific

This collaborative attempt to expand crypto intelligence services will broaden the solutions line up of CipherTrace’s unique crypto security services to its Asia Pacific clientele. The association allows Ciphertrace’s security solutions marketing across financial institutions like banks, regularizing authorities, financial inquiry departments to diminish digital assets related thefts.

A notable solution now available across banking institutions will be the “Armada risk scoring service” that provides banks with transparent access to cryptocurrency flow throughput the payment channels and warrants adherence with global sanctions and regulations.

Kendra Ross, the general manager of the security department at Sektor, expressed his delight in joining forces with the experts of CipherTrace for the 3rd time and recognized their services for turning ideas into skillful inventions. He commended their efforts in the problem-solving area, deeming them one of a kind dream team across the market. Upon acknowledging the concern of growing cybercrime, Ross promotes CipherTrace’s cybersecurity toold to keep all criminal activity at bay.

Chief executive officer of Cipher Trace, Dave Jevans, commented on its successful relationship with Sektor on various projects and his company’s interest in taking the partnership forward through various mutually beneficial expansions worldwide.

He is hopeful of reducing money laundering thefts across financial institutions and seeks to see the crypto economy grow free of virtual security uncertainties.

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