Breakthrough at Paragon Advanced Breeding as First AI Goat is Born


  • Paragon Advanced Breeding achieves a milestone with the first goat conceived through artificial insemination, revolutionizing goat breeding.
  • Advanced AI techniques are making significant strides in the field of goat breeding, offering new possibilities for farmers.
  • AI holds immense promise in improving genetics, health, and yield for goat herds, with plans to expand these innovative services commercially.

In a remarkable milestone, Paragon Advanced Breeding and Tarn Farm Vets have achieved a groundbreaking feat by successfully delivering the first goat conceived through artificial insemination (AI). This achievement has opened up new possibilities in the world of goat breeding, with laparoscopic AI techniques making significant strides in the field. The procedure, which holds immense promise for the future of goat farming, has already garnered attention and excitement among veterinarians and livestock farmers alike.

A game-changing innovation in goat breeding

Ben Dustan, a shareholder at Paragon and the vet responsible for this pioneering procedure, expressed his enthusiasm for this development. He stated, “This is an exciting development for me personally and for Paragon. It is the first time Paragon has ventured into the world of advanced goat breeding, and we have become one of only a small number of veterinary centers in the UK to offer this service.”

Meet “Bricks”: The inaugural AI goat

The star of this groundbreaking achievement is a young goat named “Bricks,” owned by Chris and Harriet McPhee of McPhees Goat Company in Maulds Meaburn. Bricks represents the successful outcome of Paragon’s first attempt at using AI techniques in goat breeding. Mr. Dustan proudly declared, “Bricks was the result of our first attempt at the technique in goats and our first kid to hit the ground. He was proof that our approach was working and that we can undertake the technique successfully.”

Enhancing genetic quality through AI

The AI procedure utilized semen from a top Dutch Saanen stud goat named Lego. The primary goal of using this technique was to improve the genetics of the milking herd. The McPhees, who currently maintain a herd of 200 goats at Meaburn Hall, embarked on their journey to provide high-quality milk to artisanal cheesemakers just three years ago. AI is now poised to revolutionize their goat farming operations by significantly transforming the health status, minimizing the risk of introducing harmful animals, and boosting yield and income.

A testament to paragon’s expertise

Harriet McPhee expressed her gratitude for the pivotal role played by Paragon in their venture. She remarked, “Paragon have been fantastic. Without Ben, we probably wouldn’t still be going. It is amazing that Paragon are developing goat AI, and we are very fortunate to have them nearby.” Bricks, their living proof of the potential of this innovation, serves as a testament to Paragon’s expertise and dedication in advancing AI in goat breeding.

A bright future for AI in goat breeding

Looking ahead, Paragon has ambitious plans to expand its advanced breeding service for goats. The goal is to offer this service commercially throughout Cumbria and the North West, marking a natural evolution for the company. They are also exploring further advanced breeding techniques, such as embryo transfer and potentially In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for goats. With the successful birth of Bricks and the promising prospects AI presents, Paragon is set to redefine the landscape of goat breeding.

The birth of the first AI-conceived goat represents a significant leap forward in the field of goat breeding. Paragon Advanced Breeding, in collaboration with Tarn Farm Vets, has demonstrated the potential of AI techniques in improving genetics and enhancing the overall quality of goat herds. Bricks, the inaugural AI goat, stands as a symbol of this pioneering achievement. As Paragon sets its sights on expanding its services, the future of goat farming looks brighter than ever before, thanks to the transformative power of artificial insemination.

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