Paradigm sees company changes as Fred Ehrsam transitions to general partner

Fred Ehrsam transitions to general partner at Paradigm amid company changes

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  • Fred Ehrsam transitions to General Partner at Paradigm, focusing on bio-research; Matt Huang takes a more prominent leadership role.
  • Paradigm is rebounding from a $278 million investment loss in the now-bankrupt crypto exchange, FTX, amid concerns over special privileges given to Alameda.

Fred Ehrsam, one of the prominent names in the crypto industry and co-founder of Paradigm, made headlines with his recent announcement on Tuesday. Moving from the role of Managing Partner to General Partner, Ehrsam is paving the way for deeper explorations into his personal interests. “This change allows me to carve out some time to explore areas of science that are of personal passion for me,” he shared in a post on X, pointing towards his growing enthusiasm for bio-research. 

With a history of backing and supporting biological research for several years, this move suggests Ehrsam’s intent to further deepen his involvement in the field. However, Ehrsam’s commitment to Paradigm remains unwavering. In his new role, he will still focus on crypto policies and maintain close collaborations with Paradigm’s investment and research teams. This decision is indicative of the ever-evolving landscape of the crypto industry, where leaders like Ehrsam juggle multiple interests while steering their firms in the right direction.

Paradigm’s leadership and future endeavors

With this shift, the co-founder of Paradigm, Matt Huang, is poised to play a more significant leadership role in the firm. This comes as no surprise to those familiar with Huang’s abilities and leadership style. Speaking highly of Huang, Ehrsam said, “After starting Coinbase with Brian [Armstrong], I somehow managed to win the co-founder lottery yet again. [Huang] is an excellent leader and investor, and has built an incredible investing and research team at Paradigm.”

There are also whispers in the financial corridors about Paradigm’s future plans. As reported by The Information, ahead of Ehrsam’s official announcement, it appears that Paradigm is in the process of raising a new fund. This follows the company’s recent proclamation in late September about the inception of a policy lab. The lab’s primary focus will be to address U.S. regulatory challenges through technological advancements. This proactive approach showcases Paradigm’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that the crypto industry thrives within a regulated environment.

Challenges faced and lessons learned

While Paradigm has made strides in the crypto venture capital space since its inception in 2018, it has not been without its challenges. A significant setback came when the firm invested a whopping $278 million in the crypto exchange FTX, which eventually declared bankruptcy. This huge loss was highlighted during former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial when Matt Huang, testifying, revealed that the current valuation of that investment stood at zero.

Adding another layer of complexity to the story, Huang expressed concerns during his testimony about potential “special privileges” that might have been extended to Alameda. Although he was reassured that this was not the case at the time, contrasting accounts have since emerged. Other insiders from FTX have come forward alleging that Alameda did, in fact, receive preferential treatment. These allegations and the subsequent financial loss underline the inherent risks in the rapidly evolving crypto market and highlight the importance of due diligence, transparency, and ethics in business dealings.


The crypto world is in constant flux, and as industry leaders like Fred Ehrsam adjust their roles and explore new frontiers, companies like Paradigm are also continually evolving to meet the challenges and opportunities that come their way. Ehrsam’s move and the subsequent changes in Paradigm’s leadership structure are testaments to the dynamic nature of this industry. As Paradigm prepares for its next chapter, the crypto community will undoubtedly be watching closely.

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