Paradigm calls out Blast over its marketing strategy


  • Paradigm has called out Blast over some of the decisions that the network has made recently.
  • Additional scrutiny from others in the crypto market.

Crypto venture capital firm Paradigm recently voiced discontent with the marketing strategy employed by Blast, a startup in which Paradigm holds a seed investment. The criticism primarily revolves around what Paradigm perceives as crossing lines in both messaging and execution. Dan Robinson, the head of research at Paradigm, shared these concerns on X (formerly Twitter), expressing disagreement with Blast’s decision to launch a bridge before its layer-2 network and imposing a three-month withdrawal restriction.

Paradigm shares discontent with Blast’s decision

Robinson’s statement outlined the potential negative repercussions, suggesting that Blast’s actions could set an undesirable precedent for other projects in the crypto space. He particularly emphasized the impact of the marketing efforts, asserting that they cheapen the work of a serious development team. Despite this criticism, Robinson acknowledged Blast’s team as “world-class builders” with a proven track record of creating great products. However, the governance structure of Blast remains unclear, and Paradigm’s role in the startup’s decision-making process is not well-defined.

The head of research noted ongoing disagreements between Paradigm and Blast, underscoring that the firm invests in strong, independent founders, even when differing opinions arise. While recognizing Blast’s team capabilities, Robinson was clear in stating that Paradigm does not endorse the tactics employed by Blast and takes its responsibility in the crypto ecosystem seriously. Blast’s recent launch has not only attracted Paradigm’s scrutiny but also comments from Jarrod Watts, a developer relations engineer at Polygon Labs.

Additional scrutiny from others in the crypto market

Jarrod Watts raised concerns about the centralization of Blast’s network, deeming it a significant security risk. He pointed out that Blast operates as a 3/5 multisig, meaning that if an attacker gains access to three out of five team members’ keys, they could potentially steal all cryptocurrency deposited into Blast’s contracts. Additionally, Watts contested Blast’s classification as a layer-2 solution, claiming that it merely accepts funds from users and stakes them into protocols like LIDO without utilizing bridges or testnets.

He also criticized the absence of withdrawal functionality, asserting that users must trust that developers will add this feature in the future. Despite the controversies surrounding its launch, Blast has seen considerable success, accumulating over $555 million in total value locked (TVL) within a few days of introduction. The protocol positions itself as the only Ethereum Layer 2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Despite the criticisms from Paradigm and others, Blast has scheduled an airdrop for January, indicating its confidence in its long-term success.

Paradigm’s critique of Blast’s marketing strategy highlights broader debates in the crypto industry concerning best practices, governance, and transparency. The disagreements between Paradigm and Blast, as well as additional concerns raised by Jarrod Watts, underscore the complexities and challenges faced by emerging projects in the rapidly evolving crypto space. Despite the criticisms, Blast has demonstrated initial success, emphasizing the dynamic and competitive nature of the blockchain ecosystem.

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