Oshen, the first ever NFT marketplace based on adventure sports on the Reef Chain


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Oshen is the newest addition to the Reef Chain ecosystem.
  • It is a marketplace for NFTs or non-fungible tokens.
  • This marketplace will provide a new dimension to athletes and nature artists.

Reef Chain is one of the most advanced chains built with Polkadot Substrate and it is coming up with another groundbreaking development. The announcement for Oshen has been made which is a Dapp built on the Reef Ecosystem. Oshen is the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace which will focus on the world’s top Athletes and Nature Art.

The artworks showcased on the marketplace will mainly center around portraits of athletes playing the sport they are most known for, in the land, air, or sea.

Oshen marketplace is the future for Athletes and Natural world Artists

It will be a marketplace with talented artists, ready with their artworks. The artworks will include athletes in the prime of their life, displaying the skill they are most known for. The demand for such artworks is already high and owing to the bull run of the NFT industry, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the arrival of Oshen.

The Reef Chain, on the new NFT marketplace aims to integrate offers a higher transaction completion rate, offering Oshen’s platform better scalability along with lower transaction fees, enhanced accessibility, and a DEIP network that bridges ER20 and BEP20 tokens to Reef Chain. Users will also have the opportunity to try the Reef Debit Card, which will improve the card’s adoption potential and reduce the need to move funds on-chain.

Adventure sports like Surfing, Kiteboarding, Mountain Climbing, Rafting, etc. are hard to excel in. They require years of training. Such sports also require talented photographers, expensive equipment’s and crew members to capture Athletes in action. This makes NFTs offered on Oshen more unique and tough for other platforms to replicate and not easy for NFT collectors to get hands-on from outside of the NFT ecosystem.

Oshen also plans to donate a portion of all proceeds to organizations devoted to the conservation and preservation of our natural habitat.

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