Opera Integrates Google’s Gemini Models to Enhance Aria Browser AI

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  • Opera has announced its partnership with Google Cloud to enhance its web browser.
  • Opera has integrated Google’s Gemini model into Aria, enhancing the AI assistant’s text-based answers.
  • Imagen 2 and Gemini are now available in the Opera Developer version.

Opera, a web browser, has recently announced its partnership with Google Cloud to enhance its web browser. This collaboration will allow Opera’s users to create images with the help of Google’s advanced Imagen 2 model in the browser’s integrated AI assistant, Aria. 

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Imagen 2 and Gemini integration is now available in the Opera Developer version, a test version of Opera that contains features to be released in the future. This update marks a new chapter in browser AI, allowing users to create realistic images.

Gemini Boosts Aria’s Text Responses

In addition to image generation, Opera has integrated Google’s Gemini model into Aria, enhancing the AI assistant’s text-based answers. This helps Aria be more accurate and adaptive in its responses.

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Opera’s Aria browser stands out using Google’s Gemini large language model (LLM). It is worth noting that Aria’s Composer AI engine searches and selects the proper LLM for a particular task. The integration of Google’s Gemini model also represents a giant leap for Aria to be able to give out the latest information accurately.

“Our companies have been cooperating for more than 20 years. We are excited to be announcing the deepening of this collaboration into the field of generative AI to further power our suite of browser AI services.” 

Per Wetterdal EVP Partnerships

Mobile Integration on the Horizon 

As of this writing, the update powered by Gemini is only available in desktop browsers. According to, Opera, there are plans for further improvements in the future and the integration of  AI in all devices.

Opera Enhances Aria with Google’s Imagen 2 for Image Generation
Source: WikiBit

“We’re happy to elevate our long-standing cooperation with Opera by powering its AI innovation within the browser space.” 

Eva Fors, MD of Google Cloud,

Through these latest updates, Opera has equipped users with a wide variety of AI features, making it a unique position in the AI browser market. Recently, Opera created an AI data cluster in Iceland based on renewable energy and expanded with NVIDIA DGX to accelerate the development of AI programs.

Browsers Fiercely Compete in AI Integration Race

AI has now become an integral part of browsers and has a drastic effect on the market share. Despite Chrome leading the pack, Google has been slow to incorporate AI as a default feature, thus enabling competitors to close the gap. 

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Microsoft’s Edge browser has experienced an incredible return to form after incorporating AI features. Edge has managed to overtake Safari and reach second place by late 2023 by switching to a Chromium-based engine and integrating AI elements.

Moreover, Brave browser has also developed its own assistant,  Leo, trained with the help of Mistral and Anthropic AI. Although Leo is still unable to generate images, it has a niche in ensuring privacy for its users. 

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