OpenAI’s New CEO Faces Controversy Over Past Tweets and Actions


  • Controversy surrounds OpenAI’s new CEO, Emmet Shear, due to past tweets and handling of sensitive issues.
  • Shear’s history raises questions about his suitability to lead the renowned AI research organization.
  • OpenAI faces employee dissatisfaction and the potential departure of key talent amid leadership changes.

In a recent turn of events, OpenAI, the renowned artificial intelligence research organization, found itself embroiled in controversy as it appointed former Twitch CEO, Emmet Shear, as its interim CEO. While Shear’s appointment was intended to steer the organization in a new direction, it has been met with criticism due to his history of engaging in discussions on sensitive topics, including non-consensual sexual fantasies and pickup artistry, on social media.

Shear’s controversial social media history

One of the primary sources of concern regarding Emmet Shear’s suitability as OpenAI’s CEO is his past activity on Twitter. Shear has faced backlash for his involvement in discussions related to non-consensual sexual fantasy statistics and pickup artistry, as well as his public endorsement of the controversial pickup artistry book, “The Game.”

In one tweet, Shear remarked, “Receiving attention from an attractive woman, even if ultimately the date goes nowhere, is generally positive utility for a man,” further stating, “So there’s an asymmetric payoff for the date itself. Most women are interested ~only if it will lead to a relationship eventually. Men are more willing to match, more willing to go on first dates, more willing to have casual sex, etc. Because of the payoff matrix.”

This history of tweets and discussions has raised concerns among employees and the public about Shear’s views on women, dating, and consent. It is crucial to note that these tweets were made before Shear assumed his role as OpenAI’s CEO, but they have resurfaced in light of his recent appointment.

Shear’s previous role at Twitch and handling of sexual abuse allegations

Prior to his tenure at OpenAI, Emmet Shear served as the CEO of Twitch, a popular live-streaming platform. During his time there, Shear faced criticism for his handling of sexual abuse allegations on the platform. Some Twitch streamers accused him of “laughing off” their claims, leading to a public outcry. Shear responded to these allegations by publishing a public letter, where he pledged to do more to support women and communities of color on the platform.

The controversy surrounding Shear’s tenure at Twitch, coupled with his recent tweets, has raised concerns about his ability to lead OpenAI effectively and address sensitive issues within the organization.

OpenAI’s response and the future of the organization

In response to the appointment of Emmet Shear as interim CEO, some OpenAI employees have expressed their discontent. A group of 505 employees had previously threatened to quit if the organization did not reinstate former leaders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman and if the entire board did not resign. With Shear taking the helm, the dissatisfaction among employees persists, and they are now also considering the possibility of joining Microsoft’s new AI research unit, where Altman and Brockman have been hired to lead.

OpenAI’s decision to appoint Shear as CEO amidst these controversies indicates a shift in leadership and direction for the organization. It remains to be seen how Shear will address the concerns raised by both employees and the wider community. OpenAI, known for its groundbreaking research in artificial intelligence, will need to navigate these challenges carefully to maintain its reputation and continue its mission to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.

Emmet Shear’s appointment as interim CEO of OpenAI has sparked controversy due to his history of controversial tweets and his handling of sexual abuse allegations during his previous role at Twitch. The organization now faces the challenge of addressing these concerns and ensuring that its leadership can effectively guide it toward its mission in the field of artificial intelligence. As the situation unfolds, it will be essential for OpenAI to engage in open and constructive dialogue with its employees and the broader community to regain trust and maintain its standing in the AI research community.

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