OP Labs successfully completes Sherlock audit with more findings

In this post:

  • OP Labs has conducted audit to remove discrepancies from its protocol.
  • The audit focused on two main purposes. 
  • The aim was to recover from errors while also focusing on integration of fault-proofing into the system.

OP Labs has conducted Sherlock audit in order to ensure that there are no discrepancies and further steps to implementation are taken. This audit has ensured that the developers are one step closer to OP mainnet. It will bolster the mainnet’s security as well as reliability in case of possible problems.  

Audit of OP Mainnet

OP Labs is the builder of Optimism Protocol which is an extension to the Ethereum protocol. The focus of this protocol is on ensuring the scaling of technology and values. Furthermore, it also focuses on the promotion of commitment to public good. 

As per the recent blog from OP Labs, they have conducted an audit of OP Mainnet. The completion of the audit has led to the escalation period which will lead to the completion of the process of development of the mainnet.  

The audit began on March 27 with the Sherlock audit contest which was aimed to test the proposed system. There were two proposed purposes of the audit. These included recovery ensured by fault proof system and integrating fault-proof system into the existing contracts of the mainnet. 

According to the blog post shared by the developers, the results of the audit show that there were no major vulnerabilities. The developers intend to share the detailed report once the escalation period comes to an end. The complete validation and severity checks will be verified by Sherlock after the execution of the escalation period. 

Update about the audit conducted by OP Labs

As the audit has been conducted successfully, there have been multiple teams whose participation made it possible. As per the blog post from the mentioned developers, Offchain Labs was one of those worth thanking because of their focus on pointing out the faults. 

Offchain Labs were able to find two faults in the [FaultDisputeGame] before the commencement of the Sherlock audit. If these errors hadn’t been identified, it would have resulted in multiple errors. Some of these include some specifications during game resolution. 

The bug was related to time resolution which is based on a contest between two teams contesting a competition. The defending team and the attacking team would face problems in the form of time running out and the contest being resolved although time might not have run out. Thus, the attacking team might have lost time even if the allocated time hadn’t yet ended.

Thus, it would incur an invalid claim leading to the win of a team that wouldn’t have won. Thus, the bug would have affected the protocol. Thus, it was resolved in advance to ensure that there are no headaches for developers as well as users in the future. 

Furthermore, an issue of duplication of an existing public report was found which was resolved in time. 

Further steps

As the mentioned issues have been resolved by OP Labs, they have merged the solution in the [develop] branch. Furthermore, it was integrated into the OP Sepolia testnet on 26 April 2024. Thus, with the deployment they have started functioning. 

The developers plan to continue working on the OP Mainnet in order to ensure that the best version of it is available to the users. With the completion of the Sherlock Audit by OP Labs, the escalation period has started. They will work on probable issues that might come to the developers’ notice during this period. 

A detailed report regarding the possible issues will be shared as the escalation period comes to an end. These changes will be included in the governance proposal changes to the OP Mainnet.


The developers of OP Mainnet have conducted Sherlock audit of the system. It has led to finding out some faults that have been resolved and the solution will be included in the proposal of changes to the governance system. The escalation period for the mainnet has started which will focus on further deliberations regarding any possible changes by OP Labs. 

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