One billion XRP in a single transfer with mystery message creates buzz

Ripple has been known to have sold large chunks of the currency held in escrow in the past as well but the current chunk of one billion XRP in a single transfer that took less than a second is creating some real buzz on the social media and in the crypto sphere.

The transfer is worth about a few hundred dollars less than three hundred million dollars and the currency is currently under scrutiny at the security exchange commission of the United States of America. This has sent ripples of discussion in the crypto sphere on various levels.

Twitter is no exception, one of the favorite social media for crypto enthusiasts and some believe it is just a strategic move by Ripple since the move can be “huge for liquidity” while others are more skeptic of the transfer.

While others are left in awe with the sheer strength of the transaction that move such huge volumes of transfer are actually raising suspicions for the currency.

It is hard to say however if Ripple is trying to pump in more money, that some users suggested would be the last refuge for XRP when it sold a large chunk back in 2018. However, there is another catch to the whole transfer that makes things a little more interesting.

This transaction by Ripple, from the escrow accounts, carry a cool yet mystery message for the receiver. It says, “Crawl… Walk… Run… ;)”. The company holds about sixty percent (60%) of the supply when it comes to the currency and such a message can mean either a big change for the currency or a major stakeholder moving in, according to some experts.