Oliver Tambo’s pen gun will be auctioned as NFT

pen gun

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• The NFT trade arrives in South Africa with unique pieces.
• The Tambo pen gun will be auctioned for $5,000.

The NFT trade welcomes a new virtual piece based on the South African politician Oliver Tambo, not on his image but his distinguished pen gun. This virtual auction will aim to raise money to remodel a historic place in the South African region.

The politician led the African national congress for over two decades from 67, in which he had to live in exile from the nation. In previous years, Tambo helped founding the youth group ANC and Nelson Mandela with other high-ranking politicians. Without a doubt, Oliven Tambo was a key piece in the South African fight, and that is why his fans took him as inspiration to make it an NFT.

Oliver Tambo’s NFT pen gun will be auctioned

pen gun

Oliver Tambo was a South African politician who fought for the freedom of the nation with a national Congress he founded along with other politicians. Tambo characterized his pen gun, which many believe was gifted by the East German Republic in the 1980s, but no evidence supports that theory.

This real pen gun had the power to wound enemies that got close to Tambo, proving it to be a great attack weapon. Under this very good functionality, the pen pistol gained popularity in South Africa, so many citizens know it perfectly. As the developer of the non-expendable part, Virtual Nation Builders seeks to auction this dual-use pistol to refurbish a historic site for South Africa.

According to reports from the NFT platform, the virtual pen gun will be shown starting next November 11 and will value about $5,000. All these accumulated funds will be sent to Liliesleaf, corresponding to a patrimonial place for the nation.

NFT market gains popularity in South Africa

In the NFT market, it has not been long since it reached the South African region, but it has gained popularity in that short stretch. The announcements indicate that several companies destined to create non-fungible tokens have launched million-dollar auctions inspired by lions or other symbolic images for the region.

The CEO of Virtual Builders, behind the pen gun auction, believes this new piece will allow other companies to support the national heritage. South Africa may become the focal point for cryptocurrency management.

The virtual auction is intended to improve the facilities of the Liliesleaf Museum, which preserves a great history. This site served as the secret agent for the SACP, Congress Alliance, Umkhonto we Sizwe, and Tambo’s ANC. The museum was very popular with South Africans, but after the Covid-19, it was abandoned, which is why it is on the verge of collapse.

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