Ohio congressional candidate discusses AI in his electoral campaign


  • Ohio political candidate Matthew Diemer has died using the integration of AI in his campaign speech.
  • Ethical imperatives in the age of AI politicking.

As political campaigns increasingly leverage technology to engage with voters and enhance turnout, Matthew Diemer, a Democratic congressional candidate from Ohio, is at the forefront of innovation by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into his outreach efforts. Partnering with Civox, a London-based company specializing in AI chatbots, Diemer has introduced an AI version of himself to interact with constituents on a personal level.

Ohio congressional candidate talks about AI

This development arises amidst mounting concerns regarding deepfakes and misinformation in political discourse. While some tech giants like Meta and Anthropic have prohibited the use of their AI tools in election campaigns, Diemer emphasizes that Civox solely utilizes his voice and operates based on a questionnaire provided to him.

The Ohio candidate perceives AI engagement as an additional communication channel, akin to emails, texts, or social media posts, intended for voters who have already opted in to receive updates from his campaign. Civox, co-founded by Ilya Mouzykantskii and Adam Reis, seeks to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for AI-driven political engagement tools. Despite regulatory efforts to curb the use of AI-generated deepfakes for political purposes, companies like Civox press forward with proactive measures.

Mouzykantskii underscores the importance of transparency and ethical use of AI, advocating for disclosure at the outset of each call that the caller is an AI agent, a step not mandated by law but deemed ethical by Civox. While regulators grapple with the challenges posed by AI in politics, Diemer cautions against stifling innovation and fostering monopolies in the AI technology sector.

Ethical imperatives in the age of AI politicking

The Ohio candidate contends that restricting access to AI technologies could empower a select few companies to wield disproportionate influence, stressing the imperative of responsible use and regulation. Despite apprehensions about potential misuse, Civox remains committed to establishing best practices and rebuffing clients seeking to misrepresent AI as human.

Mouzykantskii views AI as a potent tool with myriad potential applications in politics and asserts that responsible usage and proactive regulation are vital for harnessing its benefits while mitigating risks. As the 2024 elections approach, the utilization of AI in political campaigns is poised to become more widespread, prompting further discourse on regulation, ethics, and transparency.

With Civox spearheading AI-driven political engagement, the landscape of political communication stands on the cusp of transformation. The Ohio candidate’s pioneering approach to AI integration underscores the evolving nature of political campaigning in the digital age. By embracing innovative technologies like Civox’s AI chatbots, candidates can foster deeper connections with voters and expand their outreach efforts in a manner that is both efficient and responsive to the demands of modern democracy.

As Civox continues to refine its AI capabilities and adhere to ethical standards, it serves as a beacon for responsible AI usage in the political sphere. With transparency and accountability at its core, Civox exemplifies the potential for technology to facilitate meaningful civic engagement while safeguarding against the risks of misinformation and manipulation.

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