Oath and Qtum merging for better Blockchain based governance

Oath Protocol is set to merge with Qtum platform to drum up transparency along with resolving disputes. The whole aim of this incorporation is to favor community-based decision making along with the new user security. This would allow the Blockchain community to focus on the core principles rather than the micro issues creating hurdles.

What attracts the general users more than anything? It’s safety. So, the more users feel secure, the more attracted they will be to this system which will ultimately lead to the increased blockchain adoption. They are currently engaged in creating a two-layer infrastructural system being extensible in nature all the while maintaining astonishing standards.

At the moment the platform is host to more than five thousand nodes and has blockchain equally involved in enterprise use case applications. Being tied-up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives it more value thus setting it apart from others as one of the finest public chain infrastructural projects.

Their sole purpose is to provide easy access for members to take part in reasonable and proficient dispute resolutions, while likewise from a governance perspective providing security.

The beta version will allow the blockchain users to join the juror community of Oath Protocol that then will give them the authority to decide the cases on its platform and will eventually be rewarded for that.

Moreover, this will bring increased traffic and participation of the user, empowering the juror community to be presented to various different cases and give opportunities to accelerate reputation scores this, of course, will be as soon as Qtum is to gain visibility.