Oasys collaborates with Singularity to bolster blockchain gaming ecosystem 

Oasys collaborates with Singularity to bolster blockchain gaming ecosystem 

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  • Oasys partners with Singularity to provide an integrated cross-chain payment solution for gamers, simplifying asset transfers and purchases within the gaming ecosystem.
  • The strategic alliance aims to remove the complexity of network switching and token swapping, making blockchain gaming more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.
  • Practical implementation of the partnership is underway with 9Lives Arena planning to integrate Singularity’s payment system, signifying a tangible step forward in blockchain gaming adoption.

Oasys, the blockchain tailored for gaming, has unveiled a collaboration with Singularity, a cross-chain payment solution, setting a new standard in gaming transactions. According to a press release seen by Cryptopolitan, this partnership heralds a significant leap forward in the gaming community’s interaction with blockchain technology by introducing an all-in-one payment system. As a result, gamers and developers alike are poised to enjoy a frictionless payment experience within the Oasys ecosystem.

Oasys is renowned for its optimized blockchain that caters specifically to the needs of game developers, offering a scalable Layer 1 hub alongside specialized Layer 2 solutions. Its infrastructure promotes the creation of efficient, secure, and interoperable gaming experiences. With support from giants in both gaming and Web3, such as SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games, Oasys stands at the forefront of gaming innovation.

The collaboration facilitates effortless asset transfers, NFT purchases, and other payment forms. Consequently, it dismantles the traditional boundaries that have long separated various gaming platforms. Significantly, this initiative promises to streamline the process by which users engage with in-game economies, elevating the ease of transactions to unprecedented levels.

Empowering gamers and developers

At the core of this partnership is a focus on utility and convenience. With the integration of Singularity’s payment solution, Oasys aims to eliminate the need for manual token swapping or network switching. Hence, this simplifies the payment process extensively, allowing for the acquisition of NFTs or tokens across the ecosystem’s multiple Verses using varied methods, including popular fiat options.

Moreover, the partnership amplifies Oasys’s commitment to delivering a seamless user experience. By removing the intricacies of network-related issues, the platform empowers developers to create games that cater effortlessly to a mass audience. Additionally, the integration of fiat payments within the Verses expands Oasys’s reach and appeal, potentially inviting a new segment of gamers into the blockchain fold.

The union between Oasys and Singularity is not just theoretical but is already demonstrating its value in practical applications. Notably, 9Lives Arena, an online RPG situated on the HOME Verse of Oasys, plans to incorporate Singularity’s NFT Checkout solution within the year. This move marks a substantial progression in the convergence of blockchain technology and mainstream gaming.

Moreover, Oasys addresses the unique challenges game developers encounter in the blockchain space. It does so by concentrating on crafting an environment conducive for both gamers and developers to distribute and develop games. The strategy behind Oasys’s architecture — a network powered by the gaming community, scalability fostered by AAA game developers, and a user-centric blockchain — ensures a stellar experience with rapid transactions and no gas fees.

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