NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad: A Budget-Friendly Solution to Joy-Con Drift


  • NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad: Affordable alternative to Nintendo Joy-Cons, with similar features.
  • Comfortable design, customizable LEDs, and no Joy-Con drift make it great for gamers.
  • It’s budget-friendly and offers a solid gaming experience despite some missing premium features.

The NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad offers a compelling alternative to the official Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, boasting comparable functionality at a fraction of the cost. Priced at $56.99 in the US and £44.95 in the UK, this joy-pad stands out as a budget-friendly solution for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts. 

Compared to the official Joy-Cons, which can reach up to $79.99 / £74.99 for classic color pairings, the NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad presents a significant saving without compromising performance.

Key features and functionality

Equipped with an ergonomic design, the NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad prioritizes comfort during extended gaming sessions. Its versatile functionality allows it to serve as two separate controllers or combine into one using the included frame for a pro controller experience. Additionally, the joy-pad features a 6-axis gyro, making it compatible with motion control games such as Switch Sports.

The controller’s standout feature is its resistance to Joy-Con drift, a common issue plaguing Nintendo Switch users. The updated model, the NYXI Hyperion Pro Wireless Joy-Pad, incorporates Hall Effect joysticks, ensuring longevity and reliability by eliminating the potential for stick drift.

Enhanced gaming experience

The NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad enhances the gaming experience with its features. The joy-pad offers style and functionality, from tactile buttons with a satisfying clicky sound to customizable LED lights in eight different colors. 

Including a D-pad on the left joy-pad addresses a notable omission from the original Joy-Con design, catering to gamers’ preferences for precision control.

Despite its lightweight and plastic feel compared to official Joy-Cons, the joy-pad delivers a balanced grip and ergonomic design, minimizing wrist strain during handheld gameplay. While playing as a pro controller, users may encounter accidental button presses due to the controller’s design, although the engraved face buttons ensure durability over time.

Verdict: Is it worth it?

For Nintendo Switch users seeking an affordable alternative to official Joy-Cons, the NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad offers a compelling option. Its competitive price point, robust functionality, and resistance to Joy-Con drift make it a worthwhile investment for casual and serious gamers alike. While lacking HD rumble and advanced joysticks found in pricier controllers, the joypad’s customizable features cater to various gaming preferences.

NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad presents a cost-effective solution to Joy-Con drift without compromising performance or functionality. With its ergonomic design, customizable LED lights, and resistance to stick drift, this joy-pad is a reliable choice for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts.

While the NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad may not offer all the bells and whistles of premium controllers, its affordability and reliability make it a compelling option for budget-conscious gamers. With its ergonomic design, customizable LED lights, and resistance to Joy-Con drift, this joy pad provides a satisfying gaming experience without breaking the bank.

In a market flooded with controller options, the NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad distinguishes itself as a practical and cost-effective solution for Nintendo Switch users seeking to enhance their gaming setup. Whether playing solo adventures or competitive multiplayer games, this joy-pad delivers on both performance and value.

The NYXI Hyperion Meteor Joy-Pad earns its place as a top contender among Nintendo Switch Joy-Con alternatives by offering a blend of functionality, durability, and affordability.

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