NSFOCUS Raises the Bar with NSFGPT AI Model Revolutionizing Security Operations


  • NSFGPT automates security operations, enhancing efficiency.
  • Integration with plug-ins enhances NSFGPT’s functionality.
  • NSFOCUS prioritizes security, ensuring model reliability.

NSFOCUS, a pioneering name in network security, has unveiled NSFGPT, a groundbreaking security model poised to transform the landscape of security operations. This state-of-the-art model, powered by the Security Large Language Model (SecLLM), amalgamates two decades of NSFOCUS’s expertise in network security with a decade of AI security research and practice. 

NSFGPT: Recognized by Gartner for Revolutionary Impact

NSFGPT represents a significant leap forward in the realm of security technologies, offering a robust decision support system tailored specifically for security operations.In a report titled “How Generative AI Impacts China’s CIOs and Security Teams,” released by Gartner in October 2023, NSFGPT was prominently featured, signifying its profound influence within the security domain. 

The report delves into the myriad applications of generative AI technology in security, highlighting its potential in vulnerability discovery, security analysis, threat intelligence, and beyond. NSFGPT’s alignment with the report’s findings underscores its relevance and efficacy in addressing contemporary security challenges.

Core capabilities revolutionizing security operations

NSFGPT boasts a multitude of core capabilities designed to enhance security operations across various fronts. Notably, it streamlines security event handling by automating noise reduction and triage functions, thereby significantly improving operational efficiency. 

Moreover, its ability to automate threat investigation expedites the identification and mitigation of security threats, minimizing reliance on manual intervention and accelerating response times. Additionally, NSFGPT facilitates automated penetration testing and the generation of detection rules, bolstering proactive security measures and reducing vulnerabilities.

NSFGPT core values: A paradigm shift in security solutions

NSFOCUS has meticulously crafted NSFGPT with four fundamental pillars: Easy, Fast, Accurate, and Safe. The model’s intuitive natural language interface (LUI) ensures accessibility for users of all proficiency levels, eliminating the need for specialized expertise. Furthermore, NSFGPT’s ability to access real-time data and domain knowledge enables swift and informed decision-making, enhancing operational agility. 

Its integration with plug-ins and tools enhances functionality, enabling users to tackle complex security challenges with precision and ease. Lastly, NSFGPT prioritizes security, boasting robust governance frameworks and risk mitigation measures to ensure the utmost reliability and trustworthiness.

Integration of NSFGPT capabilities into industry-leading Solutions

NSFOCUS has seamlessly integrated NSFGPT’s capabilities into its flagship products and solutions, such as the NSFOCUS Intelligent Security Operations Platform and Security Services. This integration marks a significant milestone in advancing the efficiency and accuracy of security operations, empowering organizations of all sizes with comprehensive, personalized security services.

By harnessing the power of automation and intelligence, NSFGPT is set to redefine the paradigm of network security protection, paving the way for a more secure digital future.

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